Up next are sambo expert Alexander Yakovlev against Blackzillian Kamaru Usman, a TUF winner with some wrestling credentials.

It takes about a minute of clinching against the fence for Usman to get his foe down, and though Yakovlev is in a constant state of struggling to get back to his feet, Usman keeps feeding him fists in between takedowns. Maybe he’s desperate, but Yakovlev keeps grabbing the fence – to the point where referee John McCarthy calls a break in the action and deducts a point. Soon Usman has the Russian down, and the rest of the round is spent with him on top grinding away.

Yakovlev manages to get off a few kicks to the body in the first minute and a half of Round 2, and then it’s takedown and ground-and-pound city courtesy of the Blackzillian. Aside from a brief heelhook attempt, Yakovlev has nothing, and when the round ends he’s way, way behind.

The poor Russian doesn’t even get a chance to throw strikes when the third round commences, as Usman gets him down, works into mount and pounds away. Eventually Yakovlev works his way back up, but Usman does it all over again, and, well, you get the point. This fight wasn’t even close.


Result: Kamaru Usman def. Alexander Yakovlev via Unanimous Decision