Welcome to CagedInsider’s coverage of UFC on FOX 20, an event headlined by Holly Holm and Valentina Shevchenko. First, though, are some prelims, including this Fight Pass match-up between Jim Alers and Jason Knight. Alers and Knight are featherweight grappling specialists, but that could mean we’re in for a striking match, so who knows.

Knight starts¬†out pumping that jab from the center of the Octagon, mixing in low-kicks while Alers tries to throw counters. They’re banging away, marking each other up, and though Knight winds up with a cut around his eye, he starts talking mad crap (“Go for the takedown, bitch, it’s what you want!”) ¬†Alers obliges him and gets a takedown with a minute a half left in the round, but Knight works his way back up and they resume slugging it out. With 3o seconds left Knight gets a clean takedown, and he steps back up to his feet, beckoning his opponent to join him.

Alers comes over the top with a right hand that connects in the opening of Round 2, but soon Knight is back in pursuit, taunting and firing off kicks and one-two combos that have Alers constantly moving backwards. This goes on for most of the frame, and in the finale minute scores with a takedown and is suddenly fending off a gogoplata attempt from Knight’s Rubber Guard. The horn sounds with Knight scoring a takedown of his own.

Just like in the previous round, Alers is winging that right hand and hitting Knight hard, and he follows that up with a takedown. Knight soon scrambles up, and an exhausted Alers is just biding his time while he absorbs kicks and punches and recharges enough to try for another takedown. He succeeds in getting Knight down with two minutes left, and when he struggles back up, they brawl like a pair of drunks in a bar.


Result: Jason Knight def. Jim Alers via Split Decision