Eddie Wineland was a champ in the WEC, but in the UFC’s bantamweight division he’s hit some roadblocks. Frankie Saenz, on the other hand, is on the rise, so this is a contest between old blood and new blood.

Saenz seeks to limit Wineland’s unorthodox movement by chopping away at his legs with kicks. And it seems to work, as Wineland has trouble finding his target with his fast punches. But three minutes in Wineland does score with a lightning-like cross, and Saenz is one wobbly dude until he can recover. When he does, he scores a takedown, and the remainder of the round is all about the former WEC champ trying to not get submitted.

Round 2 opens with Saenz kicking his opponent right in the nuts. They pause, and when Wineland gives the “okay” the fight is back on. Every takedown attempt by Saenz is shrugged off, and though for much of the frame they take turns tagging each other with single strikes, it’s Wineland who again lands a stunner of a cross that causes Saenz to pause in his tracks.

They pick off where they left off in the previous round, but the game of inches and single strikes comes to a screeching halt when Wineland’s cross connects square on Saenz’s chin. Saenz stumbles and struggles to backpedal away. Wineland ain’t having it, and keeps banging him up until the referee jumps in.


Result: Eddie Wineland def. Frankie Saenz via TKO (Punches) at 1:54, R3