Featherweights Darren Elkins and Godofredo Pepey are on deck. Elkins has seen some success at 145 pounds, and though he’ll likely never fight for the belt, he’s certainly more than able to play the spoiler to anyone’s plans on moving up the ranks.

The Brazilian starts off by clocking the American with a spinning kick and a spinning backfist, and is soon on top making life miserable for Elkins. They scramble like crazy, though, and eventually Elkins has taken Pepey down. He goes to work dropping knuckles from within the black belt’s guard, while Pepey threatens with armbars and triangles.

Round 2 begins with them going at it like two runaway locomotives, and soon Elkins has his leg stuck in an almost-heelhook that he has to work his way out of. He does, and in the ensuing scramble he’s on his knees with a hand on the mat and the Brazilian knees him in the head – a blatant foul. Referee Herb Dean pauses to deduct a point, and then they’re back at it, with Elkins on top throwing punches and dodging subs.

Pepey has got nothing left for Elkins in the third other than to pull guard at his takedown attempts and try to punch up at the American. Elkins, meanwhile, simply batters him for the duration, and that’s all she wrote.


Result: Darren Elkins def. Godofredo Pepey via Unanimous Decision