Next up are Alex “Cowboy” Oliveira and James Moontasri, a welterweight duo with a penchant for winning by slicks subs and slicker strikes.

True to form, when the Brazilian comes out throwing run-of-the-mill Muay Thai kick, Moontasri calls upon his Tae Kwon Do with a spinning back-kick counter. They tie up against the cage, and when they break up and make space, Cowboy nails Moontasri with a brutal knee to the junk. Moontrasi is in so much pain that two doctors attend to him… yeesh. Surprisingly, after a few minutes Moontrasri opts to continue.

They trade kicks again and go back to some hard clinch-work against the cage, each taking turns blasting the other with elbows and knees until the horn sounds.

Round 2 sees them kick and then Oliveira presses his foe against the cage and works to take him down. It takes him two and a half minutes to succeed, but when he does, he’s in top position and Moontasri is stuck defending. In the final minute Cowboy starts digging in with hard punches from above, and the final ten seconds have Moontasri on his feet trying to survive.

The Tae Kwon Do stylist manages to score briefly on the feet in the opening of the third, seemingly tagging the Brazilian hard enough to make him wobble. But Oliveira isn’t so hurt that he can’t drive through for another takedown, and once again they’re on the ground with Oliveira pounding away from on top. They stay there all the way to the final horn, and it’s a no-brainer who should get the judges’ nod.


Result: Alex Oliveira def. James Moontasri via Unanimous Decision