The UFC on Fox II press conference took place yesterday in in Chicago. Hear what Rashad Evans, Phil Davis, Michael Bisping, Mark Munoz and of course Chael Sonnen’s had to say in preparation for Jan. 28.

Hear Sonnen chime in on his past college wrestling match with Mark Munoz where he lost due to a an illegal knee bar.

“Mark’s explanation of ‘heat of the moment’, I appreciate that but I can assure you it was a calculated and premeditated event, and I offer no apology. And secondly, I don’t even remember college. I’m driving around in a car with no insurance, a pocket with no money and the biggest thing on my mind was which kid to sit next to on exam day, so as far as a wrestling match, that was about the fourth thing on my mind. I assure you on January 28th, I will be ready. It will be one more in the win column, one more above the mantle, and one more for the bad guy.”