They weren’t originally supposed to be the co-main event, but they definitely should’ve been. Why? Because Tecia Torres and Rose Namajunas had a badass fight back in their Invicta FC days (Torres won the decision), and they’re two talented top contenders in the strawweight division. If that doesn’t merit at least co-main event status, I don’t know what does.

It literally takes a full minute for these two to make any contact, and it comes in the form of a low-commitment leg-kick by Namajunas. But by the halfway mark they begin exchanging furiously, and it comes in the form of rapid-fire punches off a Torres kick or a sudden gunfight that has both ladies nailing each other before moving back out of range. At one point Namajunas tries to clinch and Torres appears to rock her with a punch, and at another point Torres ties up and Namajunas throws her. The round ends with Namajunas on top trying to unload.

Round 2 sees “Thug Rose” channel Nate Diaz and goad Torres into striking, and when she does, Namajunas picks at her with a long cross and a front kick that repeatedly forces Torres back. Once Namajunas goes for a takedown and Torres – a vastly superior wrestler – shakes her off, but they’re mostly banging it out on the feet, and when time runs out in the round Namajunas is knocking Torres’ head back like crazy.

Torres ups her output greatly in the third, trying to stick and move with single punches and kicks while staying out of her opponent’s range. She’s somewhat successful at racking up points, too, but she can’t seem to prevent Namajunas from feeding her a right hand to the jaw. Maybe it’s that right hand that prompts Torres to go for a takedown in the final minute – takedown that Namajunas counters with a whizzer and ends up on top. The round ends with Torres on her back and Namajunas standing above her, looking for an opening to strike.


Rose Namajunas def. Tecia Torres via Unanimous Decision