Bethe Correia will forever have to live down the fact that she last mere seconds against Ronda Rousey. Still, she’s a tough girl who likes to bang – which can also be said of Raquel Pennington. I guess the question going into this one is who can bang harder?

It takes about a minute of dancing before these two ladies engage, but when they do, it’s all about Correia waiting for Pennington to come in so she can counterpunch, Pennington trying to mark the Brazilian up with kicks at distance and single punches from just outside. Both are successful to a degree, and by the end of the round their faces are a little worse for wear.

By Round 2 Correia is clearly the one weilding the most power, yet she also seems pretty unsettled that Pennington keeps coming forward and tagging her with occasional strikes. Three times they get into furious exchanges while clinched, and the crowd goes wild each time.

Correia continues to slug it out in the third, and despite eating punch after punch, Pennington keeps coming, sometimes initiating the clinch just so she can deliver two or three knees while absorbing about ten punches to the face. That’s how it goes for the whole round, and time runs out with the Brazilian feeding her knuckles and Pennington blasting her with elbows.

Raquel Pennington def. Bethe Correia via Split Decision