Oluwale Bamgbose looked fantastic in his last outing, laying out a Brazilian like the angry fist of God. It’s safe to say that TUF: Brasil 1 winner Cezar Ferreira had no desire to go out like that, so the question was, could he prevent Bamgbose from repeating the feat?

Ferreira takes the center of the cage and starts off trying to control the range, but it doesn’t take long for Bamgbose to explode into strikes – with one such explosion clipping Ferreira and sending to the canvas. The American follows him down and rains down bombs, without a care in the world for the Brazilian’s guard. Ferreira eventually does manage to scramble to his feet, and this time when Bamgbose comes in he changes levels and takes him down. He return at least a modicum of the punishment he received, but it isn’t long before Bamgbose is upright again. The round ends with Ferreira on his back trying to keep from getting knocked out.

It takes about 40 seconds into Round 2 for Ferreira to nail another well-timed takedown, and from within Bamgbose’s guard, Ferreira just grinds and does his best to tire him out. That’s pretty much how the rest of the round goes, with the Brazilian adding some elbows to the equation and the two getting absolutely covered in blood.

Though both men are exhausted when Round 3 begins, Bamgbose appears to be worse off – which translates in an almost total lack of explosiveness. He tags Ferreira once with a lunging hook, but in the latter half of the round Ferreira gets him down, and it’s all Bamgbose can do to just stay alive. Time runs out with them on their feet again, and the American just too tired to do anything.

Cezar Ferreira def. Oluwale Bamgbose via Unanimous Decision