The FOX Sports 1 prelims get underway – which are exactly like the prelims on Fight Pass for us in the arena, but whatever – and first into the cage is Masio Fullen, who was some TUF: Latin America 1 washout. He’s followed by Alex Caceres, a.k.a., “Bruce Leroy” – another TUF washout but recognizable by his giant afro.

Caceres’ game plan is an interesting one, and seems to consist of throwing flashing kicks, grinning, and walking into every one of Fullen’s punches that he can. It is literally a miracle that Caceres doesn’t get himself knocked out, and with a minute left in the round he scores with a takedown. The duo finishes the frame on their feet, smiling and touches gloves in respect.

All credit to Caceres for his ability to take a punch, because when he keeps up with his modus operandi of making sure his face is always on the end of Fullen’s gloves, he definitely eats a lot of leather. However, Round 2 does see him land more of his flashy kicks, and a few times he initiates a clinch that compels Fullen to wrestle free.

Maybe he’s sick of letting is grill take punishment, or maybe he’s finally taking the fight seriously, but for whatever reason, Caceres utilizes more boxing and head movement in the third. And it works! With a minute left in the round, he lands a hard kick to Fullen’s face, and though Fullen shrugs it off, Caceres is on him like glue, rocking him with punches. Time runs out with Caceres banging away and Fullen surviving.

The judges award Caceres the unanimous decision.