Wilson Reis has been doing MMA so long he probably has a statue erected in his honor somewhere back in Brazil. But that kind of mileage doesn’t lend itself well to top-level performances in the Octagon, so in this bout – a matchup between him and young buck Dustin Ortiz – it’s as if the former EliteXC champ has got to beat both Ortiz and Father Time.

He does pretty well in that regard. For the first three minutes of Round 1, Reis and Ortiz wade into each other’s pond and have a face-punching party, and both warriors get in some good licks. The Brazilian adds wrestling into the equation from then on, and though Ortiz has a bit of a wrestler’s pedigree, Reis actually takes him to school a bit.

Ortiz keeps chipping away at his opponent’s midsection with kicks in the second round, and Reis continues to blend a stifling clinch, inside trip and boxing combos. He even takes Ortiz’s back at one point. I guess age is just a number for Reis!

Reis is utterly dominant with his wrestling in Round 3, tossing Ortiz around like a rag doll and stuffing every attempt by Ortiz to take control. To Ortiz’s credit, he doesn’t whither when the Brazilian takes his back and rains down punches, but man, it’s all Reis, all day. He takes the clear-cut unanimous decision when time runs out.