First bout of the main card and we get to experience the innocent joy that is Sage Northcutt. His opponent, Bryan Barberena, could very well be the devil in this Biblical tale of good versus evil, a tale that most of mankind wants to end with Northcutt smoting him with righteous fury.

Northcutt opens Round 1 tagging Barberena with right and stumbling him. He keeps up the pressure with takedowns, flurries and flashy kicks – the crowd eats all this up – and Northcutt even drops him with another right.

Barberena isn’t without his moments, all of which consist of him winging punches and forcing his opponent to change levels and shoot. In the final minute of the frame he scores a brief takedown and lands a couple times on the feet – good golly, is Northcutt getting tested?

Round 2 doesn’t go well for our hero. At the outset, he throws a spinning capoeira kick, which Barberena dodges and uses to get on top. From there, it’s a bit of ground and pound – that Northcutt has no answer for – and, from Northcutt’s half-guard, the Devil incarnate applies a weak head-and-arm choke.

Northcutt taps out.

The official time of the submission is 3:06 of Round 2.