Hot prospect Randy Brown and Matt Dwyer are next up at bat, with Brown getting a decent pop from the crowd as a local boy.

Round 1 opens with both men wasting zero time gauging distance and range with their kicks and punches. Halfway through the round Dwyer starts finding a home with his right hand, though, and even just the threat of it is enough to make Brown react. The horn sounds with Dwyer ahead on the cards.

Emboldened by his success in the first, Dwyer comes out stalking his foe, forcing Brown on the defensive and stifling his offense. Brown isn’t about to go down without a fight, and changes a long-distance battle into a short-range scrap, initiating a Thai clinch to deliver knees, and – when Dwyer tries to tie up and wrestle – Brown executes a beautiful hip throw that sends Dwyer airborne. Dwyer gets a takedown of his own, but Brown’s submission attempts and control likely give him the round.

If Dwyer started the bout of strong, Brown seems intent on ending it large and in charge, which he does by blasting his foe in the face repeatedly while chasing him around the cage. He flubs a takedown attempt, but in the ensuing scramble he takes Dwyer’s back while standing. Dwyer escapes, and for the rest of the time until the bell they’re going back and forth on the feet and on the ground, with Brown threatening with subs while preventing takedowns.

The judges award the unanimous decision to Brown.