Second bout of the Fight Pass prelims and it’s Levan Makashvilli against Damon Jackson – two guys who seriously need a win in the Octagon to keep their careers afloat.

Round 1 sees about 20 seconds of six-gun shootout on the feet between both gunslingers, and then Jackson spends the rest of the frame imagining Makashvilli is a giant piece of cheese and the Octagon fence a cheese grater. At one point referee Gasper Oliver breaks them up, but Jackson keeps trying to smoosh his opponent through the wire mesh, and no one in the arena is happy.

Much of the second round is spent in a similar fashion, although for brief flashes Makashvilli and Jackson make space and throw furious kicks and punches. It is impossible to say who takes the round, but one thing is certain: neither man has gained any fans with their efforts.

Makashvilli flips the script in Round 3 and starts initiating takedowns, which seems to discombobulate Jackson and force him to work out from the bottom a couple times. Things get messy though when Makashvilli knees Jackson in the face when he’s down and inadvertently pokes him in the eyes. The Russian loses and point, and when time expires and the judges render their decision, one gives it to Jackson and two rule it a draw. Yup, folks, it’s a majority draw.