This Saturday will see another UFC play out on the main FOX network, with UFC on FOX 18 coming at you from Newark, N.J. and starring Anthony “Rumble” Johnson and Ryan Bader in the main event.

As match-ups go, this one has a very high potential for traumatic brain injury – Rumble is an expert at punching dudes into next week, and we’ve seen Bader eat punches and get laid out pretty badly. Granted, Bader has been on a pretty decent winning streak as of late, but on Saturday he’ll be going up against one of the light-heavyweight division’s elite (Johnson recently fought for the belt, and damn near KO’d Daniel Cormier in the process). The odds don’t favor the TUF winner in terms of getting out of that cage without a concussion.

To get you hyped for the fight, the UFC has given the bout theĀ “Road to the Octagon” treatment. Watch it below.