Josh Barnett and Ben Rothwell are the co-main event attraction on Saturday night’s UFC on FOX 18 extravaganza, and as heavyweights in a division so dreadfully short on healthy combatants, we should savor their scrap for the rarity it is.

What can you say about Barnett that hasn’t already been said? He and Rothwell both have been fighting so long they’re practically growing moss, with Barnett fortunate enough to have tasted UFC gold in ages past before getting stripped of his title for steroids. Both are capable of slugging it out, both are capable of finding subs – really, the only question is which of the two is capable of putting on a performance that merits a shot at the inevitable interim heavyweight title that looms on the horizon.

To give you a little more insight into these behemoths, the UFC has turned the gaze of their “Road to the Octagon” lens upon them. Watch. Enjoy. Marvel at Barnett’s eccentric nerdiness.