Cole Miller and Jim Alers head up the FOX Sports 1 portion of the prelims, which, when you’re in the arena, means nothing more than an extended break between the last Fight Pass prelim and now so you can run to the bathroom or grab some grub from the media center.

It also means a slightly bigger crowd, so the cheers are louder for these guys, both of whom train in Florida.

As for the fight, it takes about a minute for Miller to find his range, and when he does he begins walking Alers down and firing off punches jab-cross combos from a distance. At about the three-minute mark Alers finds his rhythm and timing, and he figures out how to counter and wade in with punches of his own after Miller commits. No one lands anything devastating, but it’s Miller he seems to score with something that warrants extra attention from the doctor in between rounds.

Round 2 picks up where the first frame left off – that is, until Alers accidentally gouges the hell out of Miller’s left eye off an exchange. This time the doctor examines Miller, and when it’s deemed he can’t continue, referee Herb Dean waves the bout off.


Result: Cole Miller vs. Jim Alers – No Contest after Accidental Foul (Eye Poke) at 1:44, R2