There’s grappling, and then there’s grappling, and the best kind of it is put on display early on in the bout between middleweights Tamdan McCrory and Josh Samman.

With tons of fan support, Samman starts off the bout landing a hard kick to the calf that forces McCrory to shoot. Samman eventually gets the takedown himself, and what follows is some spectacular jiu-jitsu, with McCrory threatening with a triangle, Samman escaping, McCrory threatening with an armbars, Samman escaping, McCrory threatening with chokes… you get the idea. However, for all the danger the “Barncat” puts Samman in, Samman is constantly getting out of it, reversing position, and pounding. Time runs out of the first round with Samman ahead on points.

McCrory flips the script in Round 2, though, getting Samman on his back and against the fence, where the New York native proceeds to batter him from above. Samman does his best to fire back, but his punches and elbows are from the bottom and lack zest.

Round 3 seems to follow the same track, with Samman stuck on the bottom and McCrory giving him hell. But when Samman reverses him, McCrory uses the opportunity to cinch up the triangle choke. The local fighter does his best to gut it out, yet the tap is inevitable.


Result: Tamdan McCrory def. Josh Samman via Submission (Triangle Choke) at 4:10, R3