Nik Lentz and Danny Castillo are up next, and they come out to a crowd hungry for a definitive resolution to a fight (“No more of this decision or no contest crap, please!” is what the grumbling translates to).

The storylines going into this fight are how much ass Lentz has been kicking at featherweight (this fight is at lightweight) and how much of a skid Team Alpha Male has been on and if that will affect Castillo at all.

Round 1 sees Lentz nail a beautiful hip toss, and then trap Castillo in a tight arm-in guillotine that takes some serious work to escape from. When Castillo does, he scores with more than a few punches on the feet, forcing Lentz to tie up right as the timer on the first round runs out.

Despite being shorter, it’s Lentz that’s the one doing all the hunting when the second round gets underway, sniping with lefts and rights and, when Castillo instinctively ducks his head, kicks aimed at his skull. Lentz fades a bit in the latter portion of the frame, enabling Castillo to score with his own boxing, but if anyone is ahead on the scorecards, it should be Lentz.

Lentz’s wrestling is so money – a fact that proves itself when he nearly whizzers Castillo to the canvas. Soon, however, they’re two machines out of gas, so the bout becomes one big question of who can lumber the most effectively and muster enough power to get a takedown, cinch a guillotine, or land a strike that makes the other man fall.

Time runs out and it goes to the judges’ scorecards.


Result: Nik Lentz def. Danny Castillo via Split Decision