Local boy Kamaru Usman has quite a bit of vocal support coming from the crowd, but whatever extra motivation that might give him doesn’t stop him from playing the man-hugging game against the fence in a never-ending quest to get the fight to the ground.

For his part, Leon Edwards does his best to avoid the clinch, placing a forearm against Usman’s neck and peppering him with leather at every opening. When Usman does manage to get him down, the Brit Edwards traps him in a triangle choke, marginalizing whatever points Usman scores and forcing the Coconut Creek, FL resident to escape before he can dish out punishment.

That’s Round 1. Round 2 opens with Edward exuding a ton of confidence on the feet. This shows in his poise when he grabs Usman’s kick and holds it there, forcing Usman to hop around on one leg. It also shows in how well he strikes, and how desperately Usman struggles to clinch and get him to the mat.

The crowd voices its disapproval at this tactic – who wants to see a hugfest?

Round 3 sees Usman go for – and get – more takedowns that elicit boos. With a minute a half left Usman deigns to add some worthwhile ground and pound, which pretty much kills Edwards’ chances at getting back to his feet, and when time runs out it’s no mystery who has won.


Result: Kamaru Usman def. Leon Edwards via Unanimous Decision