Earlier in the week, Nate Diaz and Michael Johnson scuffled in the hotel. Why? Because Nate Diaz is Nate Diaz, and if you’re not scuffling with him before the fight in a hallway (and after the fight in the emergency room, which is something his brother Nick has done), well, you’re just not trying hard enough.

The crowd goes bonkers at Diaz’s entrance into the arena, and when Bruce Buffer announces his name during the introductions, they go even crazier. Johnson gets a bit of a pop as well, but it pales in comparison.

The chants for Diaz continue to echo, and when the fight is underway and Johnson is landing leg-kick after leg-kick at will, they don’t abate. Yet where Johnson has speed and diversity on his side, Diaz has that boxing style that often proves difficult for opponents, and he utilizes it to time jabs and cross and combos that give Johnson fits. The round ends with Diaz jawing at him, the arena gets deafening.

Johnson is visibly exhausted from eating so many knuckle sandwiches, and Round 2 is a straight up buffet of them that’s he dines upon. He lands punches of his own, but it seems like he’s playing Diaz’s game, and he’s worse off because of it.

The third sees Johnson bounce back a bit, and Diaz is less able to go to town on his head with his fists. Still, Diaz bangs him up, and when Johnson nails the takedown at the bell, Diaz says “fuck it” and extends his leg in a faux-leglock.


Result: Nate Diaz def. Michael Johnson via Unanimous Decision