Lest ye forget, UFC bantamweight champ TJ Dillashaw is awesome.

At UFC 173 last year, he stepped into the cage to face a seemingly unbeatable champ in Renan Barao, and for four and a half round he beat the ever loving crap out of the Brazilian before finishing him. Dillashaw returned to action to dispatch late-replacement Joe Soto – who was filling in for Barao when Barao totally flubbed his weight cut – and he put Soto away in similar fashion. Now, on Saturday, at UFC on FOX 16, Dillashaw and Barao will finally go at it again.

And yes, Dillashaw will murder him.

One can only sit at the top for so long before they get figured out, and Barao has been figured out by Dillashaw in a bad way. As we saw in their first dance, the Team Alpha Male stud knew all the moves, knew what to do and when to do it. Barao was screwed then and he’s screwed now.

His only hope to avoid taking another beating on Saturday night is to miss weight again.

Anyway, here’s a little hype reel the UFC has put together in honor of their champ.