The media day for any UFC event is a semi-grand affair, a veritable buffet of interviews and content just waiting to be harvested from fighters who are dolled up, put on display and on their best behavior. Sure, the media present are practically spoon-fed this opportunity to hype whatever event is looming, but the convenience of the whole thing (plus the free food) means a reporter would ultimately be remiss in at least checking a media day out.

The media day for UFC on FOX 15 took place earlier today in a theater in Times Square, in the heart of Manhattan. Fans were allowed in, but were stuck up in the seats where the audience usually sits. Meanwhile, us members of the press roamed freely, and partook in the feast.

At the end of it all, Dana White calls the fighters up to the center of the stage for staredowns.

For a media member, a typical fight week involves the open workouts on Wednesday, the media day on Thursday, the Q&A and weigh-ins on Friday and the event on Saturday (although if the event is slated for a day other than Saturday, the schedule skews accordingly). Since MMA has traditionally been a sport where press has a ton of access, the opportunities to talk to fighters – both those on the card and those just wandering around – are seemingly endless.

That said, I’m skipping the Q&A and weigh-ins tomorrow. I will, of course, be at the show on Saturday night, so expect more dispatches from the frontlines.