It was a good night to be TUF veteran with a funky afro at UFC on FOX 10

For his outstanding performance against the heavily-hyped Sergio Pettis, Alex Caceres – a.k.a. “Bruce Leroy” – found himself the lucky recipient of both the Fight of the Night bonus and the Submission of the Night bonus, each of which netted him $50,000.

Caceres came into the fight with Pettis an underdog, and that reason became apparent in Round 1 as the lightweight champ’s kid brother repeated dinged him with the same gravity-defying arsenal of strikes Anthony employs. But one right hand square in the chops changed the complexion of the fight in Round 2, and although Sergio recovered, he was more cautious. The end, however, came in the third frame, when in the waning seconds of the bout Caceres outmaneuvered his foe, assumed back-mount, and slipped on the choke. It truly was a thrilling turn of events, and Caceres earned every bit of that $100,000.

Donald Cerrone also came away $50,000 richer, the recipient of the Knockout of the Night bonus. In what was primarily a kickboxing contest with Adriano Martins, Cerrone found glory in the form of a perfectly-place kick to the side of his opponent’s neck. Martins dropped like a sack of potatoes, and that was all she wrote.