As Saturday’s UFC 159 tilt between Jon Jones and challenger Chael Sonnen nears, the New York Times has run an extensive piece about the light-heavyweight champ, his life and what brought him to the sport. Of course, the story also contained some interesting comments that were directed towards, who else, the incomparable Mr. Sonnen.

Although Jones and Sonnen were somewhat chummy during the recent season of TUF, not surprisingly, the two have turned up the trash talk dial in recent weeks as UFC 159 nears. The NY Times’ piece quoted Jones saying about his brash opponent:

“When I fight someone who’s not a good person, I want to beat him. He wants a championship belt? Fine. It’s just not going to be my belt.”

The comments were placed in the article not far after Jones was quoted saying he doesn’t “enjoy hitting people; I enjoy outsmarting them.” Does Sonnen not being a “good person”, however, mean that the champ will enjoy hitting him? Defeating him? Or both?

While one can debate whether the animosity is real or not–look for them to get along just fine afterwards–there seems to be far less discussion as to whether Jones will remain champion. Case in point, how many times have you read or heard in recent weeks that Daniel Cormier should consider dropping to 205 to fight Sonnen?


Photo Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE