Though his last trip to the Octagon was a 2012 loss via KO to Cung Le, Rich Franklin will go down in history as a legend of the sport.

Today, that legend officially retired.

In an article he wrote in The Players Tribune today, the former UFC middleweight champ waxed poetic about his time in the sport, and then announced that he was done competing in the cage.

So, where do I go from here? In my mind, the sky is the limit! I decided I didn’t want to announce “retirement,” rather, I am announcing that I have closed one chapter of my life and begun another. I am blessed to continue working in an industry I helped build. I will continue to do great things with ONE Championship.

Many years ago, I was just a guy chasing his dream. Today, I stand here humbled and appreciative of where that pursuit took me. God bless!

Franklin’s reign was short-lived thanks to the unerring strikes of a certain Brazilian named Anderson Silva, and it’s not hard to see that he was overshadowed by what Silva went on to accomplish. But Franklin was champ when the sport was on the cusp of exploding, and he played a part in making it what it is today.

Congrats on a great career, Rich. You were a badass.