The UFC  keeps continuing it’s global expansion, and next up South Africa. Dana White announced that, “Literally three days ago – we’re about to launch a deal down in South Africa.” The companies interest in going down to the continent has been because of recent success in the local fight promotion. “There’s a show down there now that I just heard about that’s doing [1.2 million] viewers every time it’s on,” which White pointed to as a major factor in the choice for expansion.

South Africa was not the only place on the docket for the UFC’s growth. The promotion is already on television in India, and although the ratings have been successful, no event is planned as of yet. White does promise, “We’re going to bring a live event there very soon.”

Currently events are broadcasted in around 150 countries, and the partnership with FOX has lead to them bringing fights to more places. The perfect example is the second international edition of The Ultimate Fighter which is set to air on FX in Australia. There has also been talks for a FOX based broadcasting to take over in European countries when the current deal expires. Dana White is definitely keeping to his promises of making the sport of MMA the biggest in the world.