The UFC today said they will be making a “huge” announcement at the Bell Centre in Toronto, Canada May 25th. This could possibly be the legalization of MMA in Toronto that Canadian MMA fans have been pushing for recently. This will be close to where White helped a public pep rally a month ago in Toronto’s Eaton Centre.

The ban on MMA has been due to the Ontario Athletic Commission refusing to allow the sport.

It seems that most of the Commission in Ontario see the sport as it was in the early days with no rules, ruthless beatdowns when they describe the sport.

It is estimated that if Ontario changes its law, they stand to make millions in profit and tax revenue should the UFC hold another Canadian event (which they do want to), similar to UFC 113 in Montreal and then again in Vancouver with the upcoming UFC 115.

If the announcement is truly the legalization of MMA in Ontario, Canada thenĀ  the focus of legalization would turn to New York next. It is a great time for MMA.