When the UFC puts out information on a developing match-up, it’s usually safe to say it is a preview of things to come. Of course that is if the fans would like to see the suggested match-up. This morning the promotion released a news article on Koscheck looking for a fight against Nick Diaz, as they both come off a layoff. Nick Diaz will be available to return in March 2013 from his one year suspension for marijuana metabolites found up in his PED test. Meanwhile Koscheck will be returning from back injuries, forcing him out of the octagon since May until 2013.

“That is a fight I’ll take all day long,” said Koscheck of the possibility of a clash with Diaz, who is still on a suspension handed down by the Nevada State Athletic Commission following his UFC 143 bout with Carlos Condit in February. “I feel like it’s a great match-up for me and I believe the fans are already on board to see that fight. It is a fight that makes sense and I think maybe Nick Diaz and I should settle it up to see who takes the spot behind the number one contender (Johny Hendricks). I feel it would be a great fight for the fans, with a great build-up, and Nick brings a lot to the table. He’s a good fighter. He’s tough. He has that tenacity where it’s ‘It’s me against the world and %$#$ you!’ I have the same attitude. I enjoy fighting people who have the same attitude because they are going to come in, never give up, and they are going to stand in front of you and fight. Nick Diaz will absolutely do that.”

Koscheck – always of the business mindset, sees the match-up between Diaz and himself for what it could be.

“It’s going to be bad guy versus bad guy,” Koscheck said. “We haven’t seen too many of those match-ups in the UFC. I feel like the Nick Diaz fight needs to happen and I’m pushing for it. I told the UFC that is the fight I want. He’s a guy who supposedly beat Carlos Condit in his eyes and he still feels he can beat Georges St-Pierre.

“He’s tweeting about it and feels he is the number one guy. Well guess what? Don’t be scared homie. I’m waiting for you. I’ve called him out and I haven’t heard him call me out yet. This isn’t personal with Nick Diaz. I see him as a tough fighter and I want to test myself. I want to put myself right back into the mix of things by beating Nick Diaz.”

Koscheck may hold two losses to the current champ, but that doesn’t change his feelings of being a contender once again with a win over Diaz.

“My last fight with Hendricks was a close fight and now he’s right at the top. I need to make some small improvements in my game plans. I need to add a little more striking, cardio, jiu-jitsu, and get back to old-school wrestling. If I do those things I’m going to be right there in the mix.

“I’m not ready to retire any time soon. I still have a lot of fights left in me and more business things I need to do financially to make sure that some day my kids don’t have to work. My goal is to push myself and build my future right now. In 2013 it starts and hopefully it starts with me whipping Nick Diaz’s ass.”