He made the legendary Fedor Emelianenko tap out and beat Cain Velasquez to a pulp, so UFC heavyweight champ Fabricio Werdum fears no man.

He certainly doesn’t fear the little Irish upstart Conor McGregor, either – a fact he made abundantly clear during a presser in Los Angeles, C.A. on Wednesday.

As per MMAFighting:

Werdum took particular exception to McGregor’s habit of talking over dos Anjos when the lightweight champ was asked questions by reporters during the press conference, and by his demeanor in the staredown photo-op.

The heavyweight champ insinuated he would throw his water in McGregor’s face and slap him if McGregor ever attempted to try something like that with him.

“When [reporters] had a question for Rafael and he talked over him, this is no good,” Werudm said. “If it was my opponent, I would do this [Werdum makes a gesture like throwing water in his face, then makes a slapping sound], I’d say ‘be quiet.’ But that’s not Rafael’s personality. He’s a smart guy, okay, he controls himself, he just thinks about the fight.”

“It’s very important to respect,” Werdum said. “You have your space, I have my space. We have a fight, why do you touch me before. I thought Conor McGregor wasn’t showing respect. It’s not good. If he does it to me, he has a big problem. It think it’s very important he respects my space and I respect his space.”

I have no doubt McGregor would take a fight against Werdum. I just don’t like his odds.