Tonight, UFC makes its return to California for UFC on Fox 9 at the Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento.

The main event features California’s own Joseph Benavidez challenging Demetrious Johnson, of Washington state, who is defending his UFC Flyweight title for the third time.

The rest of the main card, to be televised on Fox beginning at 8 pm EST / 5 pm PST, features an array of talent from the UFC’s lightweight, featherweight, and bantamweight divisions.

Coverage will begin here at 4:30 EST/ 1:30 PST with the evening’s preliminary bouts. Please join us!

Full card:

Preliminary Bout (Broadcast on UFC YouTube Channel/UFC Facebook):

135 lbs.: Darren Uyenoyama vs. Alptekin Ozkilic

Turkey’s Ozkilic, a wrestler now fighting out of Missouri, is in on short notice to make his UFC debut. Uyenoyama, +215 underdog, is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu specialist from the Bay Area. He uses the PRIDE theme for his ringwalk, which is pretty cool.

Round One: Exchange of jabs and leg kicks, then a nice left hook from Ozkilic. Uyenoyama shoots a single and gets it. Ozkilic bounces back up, but Uyanoyama hangs on to drop him to his back again. Good knee from Uyenoyama as Ozkilic rises. Ozkilic with a takedown, but backs away. Uyenoyama with a glancing high kick to the head. Ozkilic with a lateral drop takedown. Nice elbow from Ozkilic. Uyenoyama escapes to his feet and hits a nice leg kick. Close round, but I liked Uyenoyama, particularly in the standup exchanges. 10-9 Uyenoyama.

Round Two: Brief standup exchange until Uyenoyama shoots for a takedown. Ozkilic lifts and deposits him on his back. Uyenoyama threatening from his back. Ozkilic backs away. Back up, good right from Uyenoyama. Ozkilic with a jab/overhand. They scramble back to the mat. Ozkilic with a good elbow in Uyenoyama’s guard. Good left hand to the head from the Turk. They’re stood up. Ozkilic looking good in standup now, landing consistently with punches and the occasional leg kick. Ozkilic stuffs a takedown and operates in Uyenoyama’s guard for a few punches. They scramble up, good right from Ozkilic. Good leg kick from Uyenoyama as time expires. Good round for the Turk. 10-9 Ozkilic. 

Round Three: Leg kicks from Uyenoyama to begin. Big right from Ozkilic. Double leg from Ozkilic. They’re slowing down but Uyenoyama active in guard, hitting elbows and working a rubber guard. Back up! Flying wheel kick by Uyenoyama is blocked. Big right from Ozkilic. Uyenoyama stumbles to his back but Ozkilic backs away. Ozkilic with a rare jab. Uyenoyama pulls guard. They exchange elbows. Uyenoyama struggles to keep wrist control. Back up! Nice leg kick from Uyenoyama, nice right from Ozkilic. Quick takedown from Ozkilic. Back up! Front kick from Uyenoyama. Ozkilic out-landed and scored the takedowns here, so it’s a clear round for him and should net him the victory. 10-9 Ozkilic.

Uyenoyama can be heard saying “I know guys are ducking you,” as they embrace.

Alptekin Ozkilic defeates Darren Uyenoyama by Split Decision (30-27, 28-29, 29-28). (Two judges got it right!)

Preliminary Bouts (To Be Broadcast on FOX Sports 1):

155 lbs.: Abel Trujillo vs. Roger Bowling

Bowling is -125 favorite in this lightweight rematch.

Round One: Trujillo with a couple big rights. They exchange leg kicks. Trujillo with a takedown, but right back up. Trujillo backs Bowling to the cage, where Bowling attacks with guillotine. Trujillo escapes, hits a series of knees. They exchange jabs, but Trujillo landing the harder shots.  Trujillo bounces in and out, hitting hooks. Big takedown, right into side control for Trujillo. Knee to the body from Trujillo. Bowling gets guard and scrambles to his feet but is blasted with knees to body and punches to the head. Big round for Trujillo. 10-9, Trujillo.

Round Two: Trujillo with more knees to the body and punches to the head. Bowling attacks with guillotine again but Trujillo easily escapes. Takedown from Trujillo, and ugly hard rights and lefts to the head. Knee to the body from Trujillo. Another couple of punches from the top and referee John McCarthy stops the action.

Abel Trujillo defeats Roger Bowling by TKO (punches and knee) at 1:35 of round two.

155 lbs.: Cody McKenzie vs. Sam Stout

Round One: McKenzie immediately shoots and scores a double leg takedown. McKenzie advances to half guard, lands an elbow. Stout scrambles to his feet, McKenzie attacks with guillotine. Stout escapes, and they clinch against the cage. Stout with a high kick that glances McKenzie’s head. Stout sprawling out of McKenzie’s takedowns. Good round kick from Stout to the body. Big right to the body from Stout. Stout loosening up now. 10-9, Stout.

Round Two: McKenzie trying to establish the jab, Stout mostly evading. Body kick from Stout.  Stout stuffs a McKenzie shot. Another kick to body from Stout. Nice straight left (finally) lands from McKenzie. Head kick glances from Stout. Stout moving to his left, around McKenzie, and hitting the occasional kick. McKenzie fails with another shot, looking increasingly desperate. Nice right to the body from Stout, dominating a somewhat slow round. 10-9, Stout.

Round Three: Stout with more of the same, punches glancing here and there and solid kicks to the body. McKenzie is stuffed on a shot and Stout attacks with a guillotine! Stout pushes forward and hits a knee to the body. McKenzie scrambles to his feet, hits a left hook. Stout out-landing two-to-one. Solid right to the body from Stout, picking the WA native apart as the crowd boo’s. Kick to the body from Stout. McKenzie shoots a single, then rolls for a leglock. Stout escapes, taking the round and the fight. 10-9, Stout.

Sam Stout defeats Cody McKenzie by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

125 lbs.: Scott Jorgensen vs. Zach Makovsky

Philly’s Makovsky was a Bellator champ at bantam. He took the fight on short notice and is a +235 underdog. Jorgensen is making his flyweight debut.

Round One: Good leg kick from Makovsky. Good right from Jorgensen. Knee to the body from Makovsky. Makovsky shoots but fails with the takedown. Nice right from Jorgensen. Left uppercut from southpaw Makovsky wobbles Jorgensen. They clinch against the cage, Jorgensen looking for a guillotine. Makovsky continuing to dominate standup with his southpaw straight left. Jorgensen with a takedown but Makovsky reverses. Time expires on a Makovsky round. 10-9 Makovsky.

Round Two: Makovsky takes Jorgensen to the mat. Jorgensen trying to attack with guillotine. They scramble to their feet, and Makovsky backs Jorgensen to the cage. Jorgensen lands a few strikes in the clinch. Knee to the thigh from Jorgensen. Makovsky slowing down as they exchange punches. Makovsky with a high kick. Very close round, but I’ll go with Jorgensen. 10-9 Jorgensen.

Round Three: Nice punching from Makovsky to start, who then shoots a takedown. Jorgensen reverses and takes the top. They scramble to their feet. Another takedown from Makovsky. They scramble back and forth but can’t land anything of substance or make a submission attempt. Good knee from Jorgensen as they get back to their feet. Makovsky with another takedown — they scramble again and Makovsky takes the back. He fails to secure a choke as time expires. 10-9 Makovsky.

Zach Makovsky defeats Scott Jorgensen by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

155 lbs.: Bobby Green vs. Pat Healy

Healy is a -150 favorite. Green fought just over a month ago.

Round One: The two dart in and out until Green shoots a takedown. He threatens taking Healy’s back but they scramble back to their feet. Leg kick from Healy. Great 1-2 from Green, who easily avoids a Healy takedown. Big 2-3 from Green. Healy shoots a takedown and almost gets it but Green gets away. Healy advancing with glancing punches. Green with a hard jab.  Healy trying to get the back as he grinds Green against the fence. They disengage, good right from Green. 10-9, Green.

Round Two: Green evading Healy’s jab easily. Green with 1-2. Healy keeps coming back with punches in volume, mostly missing. Green skips out of a Healy takedown attempt. Uppercut from Green. Jab misses from Green. Solid takedown from Healy. Healy looks to take back and rains down a few punches of his own. Green escapes and they clinch against the cage. Green skips out to the center cage. Good jab from Green. Healy shoots a takedown and gets it, but Green skips away. Healy lands some punches as they press against the cage. Healy lands a jab, Green shoots and scores a takedown. Close, but Healy narrowly out-landed Green this time. 10-9, Healy.

Round Three: Healy advancing, Green lands a short left hook. Healy missing his jab. Good right from Green. They exchange jabs. Healy the aggressor but Green still seems a bit quicker. Action getting sloppy. Good left hook from Green. Healy with a takedown. Green escapes, presses Healy to the cage and lands short punches to the body. Inside leg kick from Green as Healy continues to advance. A few of Healy’s punches getting through. Green presses Healy to the cage. Healy with an elbow to the face. Green gets the double leg. Green looking for the back, Healy gets on top. Big punches from Healy! Healy may have won the round and the bout with that last flurry but I’ve got it for Green. 10-9 Green.

Bobby Green defeats Pat Healy by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27).

155 lbs.: Edson Barboza vs. Danny Castillo

Nice ovation for Sacramento-based Castillo, who is a big underdog here against Brazil’s Muay Thai ace Castillo.

Round One: Underdog Castillo goes for the takedown but is stuffed. Barboza with a leg kick. Castillo missing punches but keeps advancing, rushing in. Castillo with a big right! Barboza stunned and is stung with another right! Castillo with a takedown, right into mount. Castillo takes the back, looking for the rear naked choke. Crowd going nuts! Barboza escapes and positions Castillo into guard. Castillo passes to get the back again, but can’t quite sink the choke. Barboza again gets guard, and attacks with a heel hook. Castillo escapes that, takes the top, as time expires. 10-9, Castillo.

Round Two: Big leg kick from Barboza. And another. Castillo slows considerably. Barboza with a spinning kick to the body. Castillo buckles from another leg kick. Castillo advancing with punches, Barboza bleeding from the head. Left from Castillo as Barboza slips from a missed kick. Big leg kick from Barboza.  Castillo slips and Barboza pounces, looking for a D’Arce choke. Castillo slips away but Barboza stays on top. Some ground-and-pound from Barboza, and they scramble to their feet. 10-9 Barboza.

Round Three: Big leg kicks from Barboza. Left hook from Castillo. Front kick from Barboza. Leg kick from Barboza. Castillo rushes in and lands a right. Barboza leg kick. Barboza with spinning back kick to the body. Barboza circling away. Good left hook counter from Barboza. Barboza stuffs a Castillo takedown. Castillo gets Barboza to the mat but he slips away. Barboza looking for that spinning kick again. Castillo misses a high kick. Time expires, 10-9 Barboza.

Edson Barboza defeats Danny Castillo by Majority Decision (29-28, 28-28, 29-28).

170 lbs.: Court McGee vs. Ryan LaFlare

Round One: LaFlare gets a quick takedown and McGee looks for the switch. LaFlare tosses him to the mat as he tries to stand. They scramble to their feet. Both hit kicks to the body.  LaFlare with a good one-two. McGee catches a kick and takes LaFlare to the mat. McGee advances to side control. LaFlare with a big knee to the body. McGee with good 1-2. They’re going back and forth. McGee with a good body kick. McGee almost gets LaFlare’s back standing. Bell sounds, and I think LaFlare narrowly out-landed the TUF winner. LaFlare, 10-9.

Round Two: LaFlare looking more comfortable, moving in and out with hand combinations. Big 1-2 followed by a kick to the body from LaFlare. Takedown from LaFlare. McGee scrambles back to his feet. Good straight left from LaFlare. Inside leg kick from LaFlare. McGee advancing but missing his jab. Right to the body from McGee. Good kick to the body from McGee. Great takedown from LaFlare, right into side control. McGee bleeding badly from the head, scrambles to his feet.  Body kick from LaFlare. Great counter-striking from LaFlare carries the round. LaFlare, 10-9.

Round Three: McGee acquitting himself better with his standup, landing 1-2’s as LaFlare seems to have slowed. Body kick from McGee landing well in their exchanges. McGee lands a takedown late and tries a little ground-and-pound. McGee, 10-9.

Ryan LaFlare defeats Court McGee by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

Main Card (To Be Broadcast on FOX):

155 lbs.: Joe Lauzon vs. Mac Danzig

Danzig is a +160 underdog.

Round One:  Both guys bouncing in and out, Lauzon scores a takedown. Lauzon passes the half guard into mount. A Lauzon elbow lands hard. Lauzon goes for an armbar and comes painfully close! But Danzig escapes. Lauzon operating out of butterfly guard now. Lauzon attacks with armbar, triangle, and omoplata. Lauzon escapes to his feet. They clinch, good elbow from Lauzon. Knee to the body from Danzig. They’re pressed against the cage and the action is slowing. Lauzon rushes in for another takedown, but struggles to pass as time expires. 10-9, Lauzon.

Round Two: Danzig with a leg kick. They clinch. Lauzon with a grazing knee to the head, Danzig with an elbow to the face. Crowd boo’ing as the action slows. Left hook to the body and jab land solidly for Danzig. Leg kick from Danzig. Lauzon gets a takedown as Danzig fails with a throw. Lauzon with a punch in Danzig’s closed guard. Big elbow from Lauzon, and another — and Danzig is bleeding badly. Lauzon struggling to pass, ends up in Danzig’s half guard. Good punches from Lauzon, and Danzig repositions guard. Big punch from Lauzon and he passes to side and mount. Lauzon attacking with armbar as time expires. 10-9, Lauzon.

Round Three: Leg kick from Danzig. They exchange punches, and an accidental clash of heads stops the action for a moment. Another exchange of punches and Lauzon with a takedown. He’s 3 for 3. Lauzon easily passes to side, looking for “Ivan Salaverry” position/front-side crucifix. Ugly elbows from Lauzon, and Danzig is a bloody mess. Lauzon moves to mount. Lauzon tries for an armbar and fails, ending up in guard. They scramble to their feet and Lauzon takes him down again. Lauzon passes again, hits a few shots as time expires. 10-9 Lauzon.

Joe Lauzon defeats Mac Danzig by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

145 lbs.: Chad Mendes vs. Nik Lentz

Sacramento’s Mendes is a -840 favorite. Lentz looks huge for this weight.

Round One: Mendes moving around quickly, springs forward to rock Lentz with a big right! HE tries to pounce to finish Lentz, but Lentz circles out. Nice kick to the body from Lentz. Mendes slows for a bit. Mendes with a double leg shot, and gets the takedown. Some shots in the guard. They scramble to their feet. Mendes with another takedown.  Lentz looking for guillotine, but no dice. Lentz is bloodied. He bounces to his feet but gets taken right back down. Time expires, 10-9 Mendes.

Round Two: Mendes with inside leg kick, Lentz with a good straight right. Mendes looking noticeably slower. Lentz switching between southpaw and orthodox. Jab misses, and Mendes gets a takedown. Back up, Lentz hits a left hook. Mendes with a takedown off a Lentz leg kick. He’s not doing much on top. Lentz elevates Mendes and scrambles to his feet. Left hook from Mendes, then a takedown as time expires.  10-9 Mendes.

Round Three: Lentz showing a sense of urgency, landing overhand rights and kicks to the body. Lentz stuffs a Mendes takedown and lands another kick to the ribs. Lentz switching back and forth from southpaw to orthodox. Leg kick from Mendes. Accidental eye poke to Lentz stops the action. On the restart, Mendes with a takedown but Lentz elevates him and escapes again. Good overhand from Lentz. On a scramble after another takedown, Mendes attacks with a guillotine. Lentz falls back to guard. Mendes throws punches in Lentz’s guard. They scramble up as time expires. 10-9, Lentz.

Chad Mendes defeats Nik Lentz by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28).

135 lbs.: Urijah Faber vs. Michael McDonald

Round One: Faber comes storming out the gate with a takedown. McDonald does a good job holding him close, only taking a few punches to the head. McDonald threatens with an armbar. Faber with some good body punches. They’re stood up. Inside leg kick from Faber. Great knee from McDonald. Good punching combinations from McDonald, who is closing the gap. Good right hand from Faber. Faber lands a left hook right before the horn. 10-9, Faber.

Round Two: Faber with an inside leg kick which lands in the groin. They’re separated. Big right hand by Faber on the restart. McDonald is stunned briefly. McDonald moves away, lands a left hook. Faber stalking the young gun. Front kick to the body from Faber. McDonald with a leg kick. He’s being out-landed here. Big right shakes McDonald! Faber pounces for a guillotine! McDonald taps!!!

Urijah Faber defeats Michael McDonald by submission (guillotine choke) at 3:22 of round two.

125 lbs: Demetrious Johnson vs. Joseph Benavidez (For Johnson’s UFC Flyweight title)

Round One: Both guys bouncing in and out. Johnson lands a hand combo, Benavidez with a good high kick. Benavidez taking center while Johnson circles out. Benavidez looking for a big right. Johnson misses a jab — and suddenly blasts Benavidez with a right! Benavidez is down! Hammer-fists from Johnson. Benavidez is out!!!

Demetrious Johnson defeats Joseph Benavidez by knockout (right hand) at 2:08 of round one.

That’s it for us. Thanks for joining Caged Insider tonight! Hope to see you next time.