In the week leading up to an event, the UFC releases a bunch of videos for folks to watch to get them motivated to tune in. Some of the videos are extremely well-produced and riveting, like the “Embedded” series. Some videos are of past fights of the fighters on the card. And some are… well, only marginally relevant.

For Saturday’s UFC on FOX 14 installment, which will see top light-heavyweights Alexander Gustafsson and Anthony Johnson scrap for the honor of facing champ Jon “Nose Candy” Jones, the video selection has been a mixed bag of “Okay, this is cool,” to “What in the holy hell am I watching?”

Here’s an example of the relevant stuff. It’s about main card fighters Ryan Bader and Phil Davis, and their wrestling backgrounds.

Here’s something about co-main eventer Dan Henderson. He’s always a good source of content.

But then we come to this. Who on Earth thought it would be a good idea to show a bunch of undercarders cooking? Seriously, WTF?

Look, I’m tuning in on Saturday night regardless of what preview videos are released. But cooking…?