Bout number two on the FOX Sports 1 prelims has Justin Scoggins taking on Ray Borg.

They come out throwing kicks at a distance, but Borg takes about 25 seconds to go all-in on the grappling, briefly getting a single-leg takedown before Scoggins scrambles back to his feet and starts mashing him against the fence. At his leisure, Scoggins disengages and resumes the striking contest, utilizing his traditional karate footwork and power-kicks to put a hurting on his foe. The rest of the round is all about a frustrated Borg on the receiving end of whatever kicks and punches Scoggins throws while he desperately tries to get a takedown from way too far out.

Borg pulls guard and has Scoggins there briefly in the opening seconds of Round 2, but Scoggins is in no danger, and he’s soon back on his feet. He gets a takedown, willingly entering into Borg’s world, and in every scramble Borg initiates Scoggins comes out on top. They resume the standup battle, and Scoggins remains large and in charge – so much so that even when he misses with a spinning elbow, Borg still fails to take him down.

Though he’s been getting the worst of it, Borg remains in the game, finally scoring a takedown at the opening of Round 3. Scoggins of course escapes, and winds up on top for much of the frame to batter poor Borg relentlessly. Time expires with Scoggins riding out the clock from within his opponent’s guard.

Result: Justin Scoggins def. Ray Borg via Unanimous Decision