The first bout of the main card for UFC Fight Night 82 has ultra-experienced veteran Mike Pyle taking on Sean Spencer.

Spencer is all about the head-hunting early on, as evidenced by how he crouches low and fires off knuckle sandwiches one everything Pyle does.

Pyle does his best to keep his foe at the end of his jab, mixing in kicks and knees where he can to get Spencer to move backward, but midway through the round Spencer tags him on the chin and Pyle is forced to shake the cobwebs off with his opponent in his guard. The last two minutes have Pyle trying his best not to get hit like that again – to the detriment of his offensive output.

Reaching into his toolbox to find the best tool for the job, Pyle starts incorporating more oblique-kicks and front kicks, and two minutes in he catches Spencer with a forearm that puts him on the Wobble Expressway. Spencer soon recovers, but now he knows he can’t get sloppy. They spend the rest of the round chipping away at each other, in the waning seconds Pyle lands a takedown, possibly giving him the frame.

Round 3 opens with Spencer doubling up on his punches and finding the target more and more, so Pyle changes tactics and trips him to the ground, where he alternates between threatening with guillotines and sweeping his foe. After about a minute of this, Spencer gets back to his feet, and the head-hunting continues – that is, until Pyle nails him with a spinning elbow, and then pours it on with elbows and knees against the fence. Referee Yves Lavigne has no choice but the step in.


Result: Mike Pyle def. Sean Spencer via TKO (Knees and Elbows) at 4:25, R3