Israeli-born Noad Lahat and Diego Rivas waste no time mixing it up – which, for Rivas, involves poking his opponent in the eye. They restart after a brief break, and Lahat is smooth as butter getting the takedown.

Even smoother is Lahat’s transition right into mount, and the guillotine/neck crank combo he goes for. Rivas keeps his cool and gives the ref the thumbs up, and after a few moments he escapes to put Lahat in his guard. How superior is Lahat’s jiu-jitsu? Crazy superior, as demonstrated by his near-effortless move into mount and then back-mount again, and he’s soon threatening with an arm-triangle choke.

Credit to Rivas for toughing out the submission attempts and finding the way out again and again, but he’s getting handled badly. The round ends with Rivas on bottom.

Fortunes can change on a dime in an MMA bout, however, and that’s what happens in Round 2. Rivas throws a kick, resets, and when Lahat comes in for a takedown, Rivas catches him with a crushing flying knee to the grill. That’s all she wrote, folks. Lahat is out like a light.

Result: Diego Rivas def. Noad Lahat via KO (Flying Knee) at :23, R2