The flyweights are on deck now, with top contender Joseph Benavidez taking on former Bellator star Zach Makovsky.

In typical 125-pounder fashion, these guys move almost faster than the eye can track. For Benavidez, that means exploding with punches that Makovsky has a hard time dodging; for Makovsky, that means a lightning-like single-leg takedown that briefly puts the Team Alpha Male fighter on his back. In terms of scoring, Benavidez clearly edges ahead, but three takedowns keeps Makovsky in the game.

Benavidez resumes the punishment in the second round, taking the center of the cage and picking at his foe with knees when they’re in close and kicks and punches when they’re at distance. Still the takedowns come, and every time Benavidez scrambles to his feet. In the final seconds of the round Makovsky takes Benavidez’s back standing, but it’s doubtful he takes the frame.

Makovsky slows considerably in the third, and that results in him absorbing way more knees and punches than he did in previous rounds. Occasionally he lands with his left, but Benavidez beats him up for the duration, and time runs out with him on his back and Benavidez making it easy for the judges.


Result: Joseph Benavidez def. Zach Makovsky via Unanimous Decision