UFC Fight Night 26 isn’t short in the ‘you gotta see this fight’ department, and one of the match-ups that falls in this category is a middleweight scrap between Uriah Hall and John Howard. If you watched Hall during his memorable run on TUF 17 then you know he’s not the kind of fighter you don’t take a beer break for,  unless regulated violence isn’t your thing. Howard may be a new face to the latest UFC fans, but “Doomsday” has demonstrated in the Octagon and elsewhere many times that he’s also a highlight reel finisher.

With that in mind, RM Sports recently caught up with Uriah Hall as he was getting prepared for this Saturday’s bout. In a recent video interview, Hall relayed that he’s confident he’ll KO Howard this weekend in Boston, and in a more recent clip, the punishing striker discussed his fight week diet. Here is some of what the TUF 17 Finalist had to say as told to RM Sports and originally posted on FightLine.

“For me, to be honest, I’m more worried about cutting the weight than the fight. As you get older with this, you get used to it and you get accustomed. It’s just doing it the right way. Some people deplete themselves, some people just go out there and don’t cut the weight right. They end up not performing. But I think it’s more of still having that balance of eating lean and still adding your water. You don’t want to starve yourself of course. You still want to eat; you still want to maintain.”

More worried about the weight cut huh?  It’s certainly going to be interesting to see if Howard can pull off the upset win in his Octagon return. The bout definitely has “Fight of the Night” potential.

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