If you had asked most MMA fans whether Joe Lauzon would score a win in front of a partisan Boston crowd at UFC Fight Night 26, chances are they would have said yes. Although Johnson had demonstrated in the past that he’s a talented and dynamic fighter, the TUF vet was coming off consecutive losses to Reza Madadi and Myles Jury, and was the consensus underdog.

As we all know now, Johnson badly outscored Lauzon throughout the fight to record a UD win. In fact, Dana White relayed after the fight that in his opinion, it was one of the more lopsided bouts in the promotion’s history. Despite the disappointing performance, however, Lauzon had nothing but praise for Johnson after the bout. The submission artist was asked by Yahoo Sports what happened Saturday night, and Lauzon responded “Michael Johnson happened.”

“The plan going into the fight was to try to take away his jab,” Lauzon furthered. “If you try to take away his jab, you have to make him miss by a very narrow margin. Part of that is, you’re going to get hit a little bit. We didn’t do a very good job at that and that’s where the whole plan started.

“Michael Johnson is very tough to take down. He’s constantly moving around, he has great footwork and he moves great laterally, from side to side. He does a great job of not coming crazy forward, except when you’re in a purely defensive state. I couldn’t get going and he tagged me with some really good shots, and that was it.”

It’s hard to argue that Johnson didn’t have a great night. It was also likely his biggest win to date.

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