I remember it like it was yesterday: A Muay Thai terror from the wilds of Brazil’s minor leagues got the call to fight in the UFC, and in his debut he was blown away by Vitor Belfort. But the buzz on this guy was still strong, and when he returned and wrecked some hapless fool, we finally got to see what all the talk was about. I’m talking about Wanderlei Silva of course, who went on to become a superstar in PRIDE FC, and when the time came, was scooped up by the UFC to – presumably – ride out his career in the Octagon.

But something happened on the road to happiness, and suddenly the beloved “Axe Murderer” couldn’t say enough bad things about the UFC. It didn’t help that when an athletic commission dropped by his gym for a pre-fight drug test, Silva fled out the backdoor in lieu of giving a urine sample. That led to a ban, a lawsuit against the commission, and a more vitriol spewed by the Brazilian.

Well, the UFC has had enough, and they’ve slapped Silva with a lawsuit.

Sometimes you’ve had all you can take and you can’t take anymore. It appears the UFC may have reached that point with its embattled, suspended MMA legend, Wanderlei Silva. The promotion filed suit against Silva in Nevada district court on Tuesday.

At the moment all we know is the case type: Intentional Misconduct. Electronic access to the complaint isn’t currently available so we’ll learn more of the nitty-gritty details as soon as a hard copy of the complaint is requested from the courthouse in Las Vegas.

It doesn’t take a genius to infer that the UFC is likely going after Silva for any or all of the numerous accusatory statements he’s made against the promotion while still technically being under contract, as his suspension for running away from a Nevada Athletic Commission drug test gets settled.

The worst kind of divorces are the ugly ones, and this one got ugly. Oh well.