If you happened to be Brazilian, fighting in last night’s main- or co-main event at UFC Fight Night: Shogun vs. Henderson 2 in Natal, Brazil, you had a bad night. In fact, if you were TUF Brasil winner Cezar Ferreira or the legendary Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, your experience at the UFC event was downright awful. But hey, the upside is probably don’t remember it, what with the brain-busting knockout you suffered.

Brazilian UFC events usually follow a pattern: foreigners take on locals, and more often than not, the locals win, which sends the crowd into frenzied glee. Such was the case with the undercard, which saw some Brazilians fall but about three times as many win. Then came the co-main event, which pitted Ferreira against TUF runner-up C.B. Dollaway in a bout that Ferreira was expected to win.

Too bad no one told the American that.

In all of 39 seconds, “Mutante” trapped Dollaway against the cage, fired off reckless punch after reckless punch, then ate a trio of fists that put him out as if he’d been shot with a tranquilizer gun. Apparently, Ferreira skipped that one day at the dojo where they taught boxing defense.

Adding insult to injury was Dan Henderson and Shogun’s scrap. “Hendo” wobbled the Brazilian early, but it was one way traffic for about two full rounds, with Shogun cracked his foe good and coming close to pounding him senseless. And yet, because this is a sport where the tide can change in a blink of an eye, at a minute and a half into Round 3 it was Shogun who was dazed and confused – the victim of a Henderson right hand that disfigured his nose and had the ref stepping in to save Rua from certain death soon after.

Were Dollaway and Henderson unaware that when it comes to facing Brazilians on their home turf they’re supposed to lose? Or did they just thumb their nose at what was “supposed” to happen and went ahead and made their own fate?

I’ll go with the latter. And boy was the path they chose to take fun.