It’s fight night, for the last time in North American MMA in 2014!

And… it’s not a bad main event.

UFC Fight Night: Machida vs. Dollaway, aka UFC Fight Night 58, features two of the UFC’s top ranked middleweights squaring off in front of what promises to be a raucous crowd in São Paulo, Brazil.

Officially, the UFC ranks former light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida (21-5 as a pro) at #4 in the division, and CB Dollaway (15-5) at #10. But the match-up may be more even than one might think. Machida’s losses have all come at the hands of superior wrestlers, and Dollaway, who earned All-American honors in his collegiate career at Arizona State University, would seem to have the edge there.

Machida, of Bahia, Brazil, will have the crowd on his side, but Dollaway, of Arizona, has recorded several of his best wins on Brazilian soil — including his knockout back in March of TUF: Brazil Champion Cezar “Mutante” Ferreira.

So, it’s an interesting fight and we’ll have the play-by-play for you here. We’ll have results of the preliminary card (which begins 7 pm ET/ 4 pm PT).

Remember to hit refresh to get the latest update. Enjoy the fights!

Preliminary Card (UFC Fight Pass)

Middleweights: Vitor Miranda defeated Jake Collier by TKO (head kick and punches) at 4:59 of round one.

Welterweights: Tim Means defeated Márcio Alexandre Jr. by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Preliminary Card (Fox Sports 1)

Bantamweights: Leandro Issa defeated Yuta Sasaki by submission (neck crank) at 4:13 of round two.

Featherweights: Hacran Dias defeated Darren Elkins by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Featherweights: Renato Carneiro defeated Tom Niinimäki by submission (rear naked choke) at 3:30 of round two.

Light Heavyweights: Marcos Rogério de Lima defeated Igor Pokrajac by TKO (punches) at 1:59 of round one.

Main Card:

We’re on and poppin’ — and a special announcement said to be on the way, rumored to be the return of Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. We shall see!!!

Middleweights: Daniel Sarafian vs. Antonio dos Santos

Demian Maia protege Sarafian was one of the standouts of the first season of TUF: Brazil, but he’s struggled in recent bouts. Dos Santos is 6-1, and coming in on two week’s notice. He’s said to be a Muay Thai specialist. Sarafian a -165 favorite.

Round One: Nice left hook by Sarafian, dos Santos looking for a 1-2. Good jab seems to wobble dos Santos. Head kick tags dos Santos — but a big right hand drops Sarafian to the mat! Sarafian scrambles to his feet, and they clinch vs. the cage. They disengage — and  Sarafian hitting nice punching combo’s to head and body now. Sarafian shoots in for a takedown but dos Santos rolls through and they clinch again to the cage. 2-1 combo lands hard for dos Santos. Sarafian with another takedown as time expires. 10-9, dos Santos.

Round Two: A big exchange and dos Santos turns away…? Ref waving it off. On replay, seems dos Santos dislocated a finger and asked the ref to give him a moment to re-set it. The official is translated as saying, “you can’t stop the fight like that.” Sad, because it was a nice little scrap while it lasted.

Daniel Sarafian defeats Antonio dos Santos by TKO (injury) at 1:01 of round two.

Welterweights: Erick Silva vs. Mike Rhodes

Rio’s Silva is a .500 fighter in the UFC but is known for an all action style, including a fight of the year candidate against Matt Brown back in May. Rhodes is a 25 year old “Roufus Sport” product looking for the upset — 30 year old Silva is a -350 favorite here.

Round One: Silva tries a spinning backfist on the glove touch which glances, then he hits a takedown. Quick guard pass into an arm triangle and Rhodes is out! Whoa!

Erick Silva defeats Mike Rhodes by technical submission (arm triangle) at 1:15 of round one.

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson is announced as back in the UFC. Hmmm…

Lightweights: Elias Silvério vs. Rashid Magomedov

Kickboxer Magomedov is a -165 favorite, of Dagastan but fighting out of ATT in Florida. Brazil’s Silverio gets a nice ovation but man does he look out-sized here.

Round One: Both guys looking for kicks from the outside to start. Magomedov with a big body kick. Magomedov checking many of Elias’ kicks as well. Silverio with a high kick. Action is slow, but technical. Magomedov landing a left hook with some regularity. Nice right hand/body kick combo from Magomedov. 10-9, Magomedov.

Round Two: Good left hook from Silverio shakes Magomedov. Silverio looking for straight punches, and the action is halted due to an eye poke. We restart almost immediately.  Nice punching combo from Magomedov. Silverio bleeding over his right eye. Magomedov with a kick that strays low. We restart again… the fighters trade kicks to the body, but mostly missing the punches. Good spinning kick to the body from Silverio, but mostly it’s Magomedov staying a step ahead. Magomedov, 10-9.

Round Three: Action stays at the same pace and the crowd getting restless. Magomedov keeping a slight edge with his combo’s and also landing the kick from the outside. Silverio missing his jab. Crowd boo’ing lustily. Left hook sends Silverio to the mat! Magomedov follows up with punches on the ground and finally gets the stoppage.

Rashid Magomedov defeats Elias Silvério by TKO (punches) at 4:57 of round three.

Light Heavyweights: Antonio Carlos Júnior vs. Patrick Cummins

Carlos was a TUF Brazil 3 winner at heavyweight; this is his 205 lb debut. Cummins was a barista who took on Cormier on short notice a few months ago — but he’s since scored two UFC wins and is a -190 favorite here.

Round One: Cummins looking for the shot, Carlos looking for 1-2’s and avoiding the shot. Carlos with a knee to the body as they clinch. Cummins trips him to the mat nicely, and Carlos spins for a leglock. Cummins slips away but Carlos switched to a knee bar then toe hold, but Cummins escapes. Cummins with a series of hammer-fist punches to the head and finally passes guard. Carlos re-positions guard as time expires. 10-9, Cummins.

Round Two: Carlos shoots a takedown and it’s stuffed. Cummins rides him to the mat and Carlos takes guard. Carlos looking for a heel hook. Great punch from Cummins and he easily passes guard. A little light g’n’p, and Carlos retains guard. Cummins stands out of his guard and we’re back on the feet. Carlos with a hand combo and a kick the body. Great takedown by Cummins. 10-9, Cummins.

Round Three: Flying knee by Carlos. Cummins gets the takedown and into half guard. Light ground-and-pound, punches and hammer-fists to the head. Carlos gets full guard but can’t stop the strikes from getting through. Cummins into half again, then full mount — but Carlos again re-positions. Carlos escapes and — whoa! — suplexes Cummins to the mat, getting back mount with hooks — attacking with rear naked choke but no dice. 10-9, Cummins.

Patrick Cummins defeats Antonio Carlos Júnior by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

FOX Sports 1 briefly lost the Brazil feed so we had a little delay. Sorry everyone. Co-main to begin shortly.

Bantamweights: Renan Barão vs. Mitch Gagnon

The 12-2 Canadian Gagnon is on a five-fight winning streak. Former pound-for-pound entrant Barão, at 34-2 (one no-contest), is an almost ten-to-one favorite.

Round One: Barão with a leg kick to begin. Gagnon hits a left hook. Leg kick by Gagnon. Gagnon going straight at Barão with hand combo’s to head and body, Barão counters with a hard overhand. Barão with a strong leg kick. Barão landing hand combo’s and leg kicks hard now. Welts on Gagnon’s legs are accumulating. Gagnon landing here and there as they exchange — but is dropped by a left hook. Barão looking for the back in transition but Gagnon scrambles to his feet. 10-9, Barão.

Round Two: Barão with hand combinations and leg kicks to keep his momentum. Gagnon clinches him to the cage. On the re-start, Gagnon keeps going for the uppercut and Barão tags him with a right. They clinch to the cage off a failed Barão takedown. They’re separated after another long sequence against the cage. Nice 1-2’s from Gagnon on the restart. Gagnon presses Barão to the cage but nothing doing. 10-9, Barão.

Round Three: Barão with more of the same (effective striking), Gagnon with more of the same (initating ineffective clinches). Gagnon has been hit with knees to the body in these long stretches in the clinch; maybe it’s slowing him down. Barão with a takedown off an attempt at a throw by Gagnon — he moves right to side, and then secures an arm triangle. Gagnon taps!

Renan Barão defeats Mitch Gagnon by submission (arm triangle) at 3:53 of round three.

Middleweights: Lyoto Machida vs. C.B. Dollaway

Machida a -700 favorite, wow.

Round One: Lyoto evading Dollaway’s charges…  then blasts with a left round body kick. Dollaway stunned. Machida follows up with punches and that’s it!!!

Ugh, what a kick!!!

Lyoto Machida defeats C.B. Dollaway by TKO (body kick, punches) at 1:01 of round one.

I can’t top that. Good night everyone!!!