UFC Fight Night 48, a.k.a., UFC Fight Night Macao: Bisping vs. Le, is set to grace our computers monitors on Saturday morning courtesy of UFC Fight Pass and the organization’s need to have events all over the world at all hours of the day. Which, hey, is awesome – am I right? Anyway, if the name of the event didn’t clue you in, the headlining bout will see everyone’s favorite Brit Michael Bisping take on Cung Le.

These are the facts about Bisping:

  • He won a season of TUF, but has never managed to string together the right kind of wins against quality opponents to warrant a title shot.
  • There will never be a UFC championship belt around his waist; his best chance at beating Anderson Silva was when Silva was being wheeled out of the Octagon on a stretcher with a broken leg, and Chris Weidman would literally eat his soul.
  • He’s good at talking trash.
  • Bisping is very good at crushing cans.

Is Le – who used to rock the house in Strikeforce and who put Rich Franklin to sleep with a quickness – a can? Not likely. But age degrades every fighter eventually, so who knows what will happen on Saturday…

Well, here’s a video of Bisping beating up a can. Enjoy.