Good morning, fight fans! (At least, in North America…!)

UFC Fight Night 48 is on from Macau, China today — headlined by two veteran middleweight stars looking to advance into championship contention: Michael “The Count” Bisping and Cung Le.

The bout is a homecoming of sorts for Le, an American of Vietnamese origin. Now 42, Le transitioned from his Chinese martial arts background, the kickboxing style of San Shou, to a successful MMA career beginning in 2006. His accolades include the Strikeforce middleweight championship, but UFC contention has eluded him. Today represents his last run at MMA glory after an almost two year layoff. His last bout was in Macau, where he knocked out former champion Rich Franklin. He also a served as coach for a season of The Ultimate Fighter in China earlier in the year.

His opponent, England’s Bisping, boasts an impressive 24-6 record — with wins over solid fighters like Brian Stann and Alan Belcher. But he’s lost as many as he’s won in the last three years, and needs a solid win today to regain career momentum. The hard-punching “Count” is the betting favorite here: listed at #8 in the UFC’s rankings.

Also on the card, Korea’s “Stun Gun” Dong Hyun Kim and Tyron Woodley of the US meet in a battle of welterweight contenders, and the featherweight winner of TUF:China, a bout which was delayed from March of this year, will be crowned as well.

The main card action begins at 9 am EST/6 am PST. We will also list the preliminary results.

Please join us!

Preliminary Bouts Results: (broadcast on UFC Fight Pass)
Bantamweights: Royston Wee defeats Yao Zhikui by split decision (29-28, 27-30, 29-28)
Women’s Bantamweights: Milana Dudieva defeats Elizabeth Phillips by split decision (30-27, 28-29, 29-28)
Welterweights: Colby Covington defeats Wang Anying by TKO (punches/elbows) at 4:50 of round one
Bantamweights: Yuta Sasaki defeats Roland Delorme by submission (rear naked choke) at 1:06 of round one
Welterweights: Alberto Mina defeats Shinsho Anzai by TKO (hammer-fists) at 4:17 of round one
Welterweights: Wang Sai defeats Danny Mitchell by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Main Card (broadcast on UFC Fight Pass)

Featherweights: Ning Guangyou vs. Yang Jianping

This is the TUF China finaal. Jiangping is a San Da specialist and walks out to the Scorpions. Guangyou is said to be wrestler who favors GnP. Heeeeeere we go!

Round One: Southpaw Ning with overhand left and goes for the shot. Yang shrugs him off and whips him to the mat. Ning fights his way up, get underhooks, and gets the takedown. Yang gets guard, tries some elbows, Guangyou with punches to head and body. Good start. Yang escapes to the feet and they square off in standup. Neither guy doing much. Good right from Yang, and a takedown, but right back up. Ning with some good knees to the body. Crowd booing and whistling. Great flying knee from Ning. Ning’s round, 10-9.

Round Two: Ning stalking. Yang with a good inside leg kick (finally). Ning hits one of his own. Yang with outside leg kick, looking for punching combinations. Neither is committing much. Ning with the double leg, quickly steps over to half guard. Yang escapes to his feet, Ning attacks with guillotine, but Yang slips away. Tepis standup from both, ref imploring them to fight as the crowd boo’s. Goldberg says, “a lot of pace to this fight.” Yep, a slow one. At some point a groin strike stops the “action” — well, as much as there was… 10-9, Ning.

Round Three: DO YOU WANT TO BE A F—ING FIGHTER? I’m not sure these guys do. Crowd booing as they exchange weak low kicks, punch the air, and bounce back and forth. I remember being excited about China as an emerging MMA market. Olympic caliber judo and the like making the transition… are these the two best among the billion available? I’m calling it 10-10.

I concur.

Ning Guangyou defeats Yang Jianping by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28). In victory, he punches the air harder than he punched Yang at any point in the bout. He is greeted by a chorus of boo’s. Me, I feel like going back to sleep.

Lightweights: Zhang Lipeng vs. Brendan O’Reilly

Hoping this event gets back on track with the first TUF China winner Zheng, now campaigning at lightweight. O’Reilly is an Australian wrestler. Zheng is a minor underdog (+125).

Round One: Zhang with inside leg kick to start, hits a hard one to the lead leg. O’Reilly looking for straight punches. O’Reilly shoots in and backs Zhang to the cage. Short knees to the legs from the Aussie. Zhang reverses a body lock takedown and ends up in O’Reilly’s guard. Light gnp from Zhang, O’Reilly with a nice half guard sweep. Zhang in butterfly guard, hits an up kick. O’Reilly with punches to head and body. Zhang with punches to head from bottom. Neither guy really getting it done here, I’m calling it even, 10-10.

Round Two: O’Reilly with a left hook, right leg kick combo. Zhang missing his overhand. Punching combo into a double leg shot from O’Reilly. Zhang keeps his feet against the cage and they battle for under-hooks. Zhang finally gets the takedown off double unders. O’Reilly tries to spin away, Zhang takes his back standing. Punches to head from Zhang. Zhang with body triangle and rolls O’Reilly to the mat in back control. Zhang looking for the choke, getting little punches. 10-9, Zhang.

Round Three: They exchange briefly before bouncing right back to the clinch. O’Reilly bleeding from the bottom lip. Zhang with the takedown, moves right to the back nicely. Good punching by Zhang, O’Reilly a mess. He can’t quite finish the choke but gets a lot of pitter-patter punches. Crowd finally gives a cheer as the horn sounds to end the bout. 10-9 Zhang.

Zhang Lipeng defeats Brendan O’Reilly by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27).

Welterweights: Dong Hyun Kim vs. Tyron Woodley

Dong Hyun “Stun Gun” Kim walks out to “Danza Kuduro,” which wakes the crowd up. Manos arriba, China. Both guys among the top ten of the UFC ranking system. Woodley has a big reach disadvantage, but per his wrestling pedigree and wins over the likes of Condit, he’s a -200 favorite.

Round One: They come out swining! Woodley lands a good right to begin. Crowd chanting for Kim. Kim looks for spinning backfist and bam! Gets hit with a right. A few punches on the mat and it’s all over!

Woodley’s power is no joke. Woodley mentions that today is his wedding anniversary and classy as can be, turns the mic over to Kim. Kim apologizes to his fans and tells his parents he’s okay.

Tyron Woodley defeats Dong Hyun Kim by TKO (punches) at 1:01 of round one.

Middleweights: Michael Bisping vs. Cung Le

Bisping a -325 favorite here.

Round One: Southpaw Le misses a left round kick, lands one to the lead leg. Right hook lands from Le, left round kick to the body. Good right leg kick from Bisping. Big left straight to the body from Le. Bisping not finding his range yet. Nice left round kick to the body from Le. Bisping glances with a right hand. Left right combo from Bisping as they bounce in and out. A kick hits Bisping’s groin and action is briefly halted. Le struggling with his spinning attacks. Bisping with a high kick. Right hook from Le lands. Good round, Le out-landed by just a bit. 10-9, Le.

Round Two: Le with a side kick. Bisping up the middle with a right. Left round kick to the body from Le. Bisping attacking with punching combo’s now and landing. Le cut! Big left-right punching, Le hurt now. 3-2 combo’s cutting Le apart. High spin kick from Bisping. Another 3-2. Ref stops to examine the cut, and Le’s vision. They allow it to continue… right into a turning side kick from Bisping. Right hook from Le, and a big body kick. Side kick lands low from Le and the action is halted again. Re-start — Le looking for his kicks, Bisping the jab. Crowd chanting for Le. Horn sounds, big round for the Brit. 10-9, Bisping.

Round Three: Nice right hook from Le. Bisping jabs. Spinning back kick glances the body from Le. Bisping with a leg kick, moving around well. Action slowing here. Bisping with a punching combo, left hooks landing at will now. Le with a left round kick to the body. Bisping stalking Le, throwing punches to head. Nice right hook from Le, but just not enough volume from him here. 10-9, Bisping.

Round Four: Le looks like he has lost his vision. Bisping continuing to control the action with punching combo’s. A big knee to the chin and drops Le — and Bisping swarms on him. Punches to the head of a downed Le end it.

Michael Bisping defeats Cung Le by TKO (punches) at 0:57 of round four.