Tim Kennedy entered the cage against Michael Bisping a +170 underdog tonight in Quebec for the main event of UFC Fight Night: Bisping vs. Kennedy.

In fact, he made that entrance in his jiu-jitsu gi.

Kennedy exited — in large part due to his improved grappling acumen — the winner, as the judges rendered a unanimous decision in his favor.

Kennedy, ranked eighth in the UFC, also scored some potent right hand counters throughout the bout’s five rounds. Bisping, the promotion’s fifth ranked middleweight, landed his signature 1-2 combinations, but failed to stop Kennedy’s takedowns.

Kennedy, of Austin, Texas, set the pace in round one, landing his counters before scoring a takedown. He would work to mount and dominate the stanza.

Bisping, of Liverpool, England, was able to keep the bout standing in round two, and won that stanza on two of the judges’ scorecards. But the takedowns, and guard passes, continued throughout the bout.

The two ended their verbal battling and shook hands after the fight.

At UFC Fight Night Bisping vs. Kennedy, Tim Kennedy defeats Michael Bisping by unanimous decision (49-46, 49-46, 50-45).