Tonight, the UFC, fresh off a visit to Abu Dhabi, will keep its international theme — as Colisée Pepsi in Quebec City, Quebec plays host to UFC Fight Night: Bisping vs. Kennedy.

The event marks the finals of “The Ultimate Fighter: Nations,” where mixed martial artists from Canada, led by coach Patrick Coté, fought a tournament against a team of MMA fighters from Australia, led by Kyle Noke.

In addition to the tournament finals, as well as a bout between Coté and Noke, a bout between two middleweight contenders will serve as main event — with Britain’s Michael Bisping facing off against Tim Kennedy of the US.

Our coverage will begin in less than an hour, at 5 pm EST/2 pm PST. We will have a full play by play of the bouts of the main card, and the televised preliminary bouts as well.

Please join us, and hit refresh key often to get the latest update!


Preliminary results (off TV):

Bantamweights:    Marc Gagnon defeated Tim Gorman by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Welterweights:    Richard Walsh defeated Chris Indich by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Middleweights:    Nordine Talib defeated Vic Grujic by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Lightweights:    Mark Bocek defeated Mike De La Torre by split decision (28-29, 30-27, 29-28)


Preliminary Bouts: (Televised on Fox Sports 1)

Bantamweights:   George Roop     vs.     Dustin Kimura

Youth vs. experience here, as the young gun from Hawaii takes on the lanky old vet in Roop. Kimura is a +130 underdog.

Round One: Roop lancing with his jab, as expected, as Kimura looks to counter. Neither landing much until Roop hits a nice body kick. Kimura catches another kick, hits a right. Kimura backs Roop to the cage and gets the takedown. Roop bounces up but is put down again. Roop fights back to his feet, gets caught in a sprawl, and they clinch to the cage. Body lock takedown by Roop. Kimura eats a left as he looks for a hip bump sweep. Kimura looks to isolate an arm. Big right elbow from Roop. Boo-birds out as time expires on a slow round. 10-9 Roop.

Round Two: Both guys bouncing in and out with punches but not landing much. Kimura looking for overhand right. Roop with a leg kick. Kimura with a Thai clinch and a knee to the body before they clinch to the cage. They disengage, and a nice jab from Roop lands cleanly. Left hook from Kimura. Kimura with a takedown. Roop scrambles, looking for an escape — and almost gives his back. Kimura stays on top and finally works to the back, both hooks. Roop slips away, lands a kick to the body. They clinch against the cage as time expires. I’ll give it to Kimura, but it feels like neither guy really established dominance in this round. 10-9, Kimura.

Round Three: Good punching combinations by Roop, who hits a takedown off a left hook. Kimura working his guard, Roop lands right hands to head and body. Big elbows from Roop and Kimura has an ugly hematoma. Good control by Roop, nothing flashy but effective. They stay in essentially the same position the entire round. 10-9 Roop.

Scores are announced, and they’re odd.. looks like someone scored round three 10-8 for Roop. The right guy won though:

George Roop  defeats Dustin Kimura by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-26)

Light Heavyweights:   Ryan Jimmo     vs.     Sean O’Connell  

Hopefully we’ll get more highlights here. Alberta native Jimmo has an interesting karate-based standup style. O’Connell, of Utah, is a late replacement making his Octagon debut. A (+480) underdog, he’s on a nice run — winning six straight.

Round One: Jimmo misses a kick, ends up taken down. O’Connell attacks with a guillotine as Jimmo scrambles to his feet. They clinch against the cage. Jimmo lands a right, switching stances as he often does… O’Connell with a crisp right counter. They clinch again, Jimmo with good knees to the body. Left hook to the body from O’Connell. Low knee from O’Connell and the ref calls a halts the action. Jimmo shoots a takedown on re-start, O’Connell bounces right back to his feet. They clinch against the cage again. Jimmo, against the cage, unleashes a big counter right and O’Connell drops like a sack of potatoes. A classic “slip-and-rip.” Jimmo with a few follow up punches and that’s it.

Ryan Jimmo defeats Sean O’Connell by KO (punch) at 4:27 of round one.  

Jimmo thanks his “Jimmomaniacs” and reminds everyone to eat their protein shakes. He says he loves Canadian money and free health care. Oh, and he does a robot dance to celebrate his win. It’s just… all a little forced. Even when you’re on flu medicine.

Women’s Bantamweights:   Sarah Kaufman     vs.     Leslie Smith   

Bay Area’s Smith is a late replacement but only a +220 underdog. British Columbia’s Kaufman is the fifth rated in her division.

Round One: Smith attacks with punches and kicks. Kaufman struggles to find range against the rangy Smith, but lands a series of overhands a minute in. They clinch, Smith is looking for foot-stomps. Inside leg kick – right hand combo is landing for Kaufman. Both land hand combo’s, Kaufman with a nice leg kick. Clinched up, Kaufman lands two hard elbows. Big 1-2 wobbles Smith. Kaufman backing Smith up with hand combo’s now. Smith gets backed against the cage with Kaufman landing short punches. Smith misses a high kick. Kaufman with good punching in the clinch as time expires. 10-9, Kaufman.

Round Two: Smith looking for kicks, including a high side kick. Kaufman with some good knees in the clinch. Right hand keeps landing from Kaufman as soon as they strike at range. Kaufman begins a footsweep and ends with another right. Kaufman’s hand combo’s keep coming, but Smith hanging in there. Smith initiates a clinch but Kaufman dominates the battle for underhooks, gets a knee, shrugs her opponent off. Smith looking increasingly confused — only landing occasionally — as Kaufman uses superior movement to land her 1-2’s.  Big elbow and uppercut from Kaufman as they clinch late in the round. 10-9, Kaufman.

Round Three: Smith and Kaufman with more of the same. Smith trying hand combo’s, occasionally looking for a head kick to finish, but failing to land. Kaufman shows the crisper boxing, hitting the right in particular, but not really hurting her opponent. Inside leg kick by Kaufman. Left hook by Smith. Smith finally taken down by Kaufmann, right into side control. Smith tries to escape but Kaufman retains top control. Smith scrambles to her feet and eats a right. Bell sounds. 10-9 Kaufman.

Sarah Kaufman defeats Leslie Smith by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Welterweights:   Sam Stout     vs.     KJ Noons   

Bout is pretty much even money. Canada is off to a 5-0 start tonight, we’ll see if Stout can keep the momentum.

Round One: Noons attacks with oblique kicks and front kicks upstairs. Noons ducks, moves off center, and hits a huge overhand right! Stout drops! Big lefts to follow up from Noons, and the ref steps in. Big KO victory for Noons.

KJ Noons knocks out Sam Stout (punch) at 0:30 of round one

Replay shows Stout getting the ref in a front headlock after the stoppage. He had no idea where he was.

Main Card: (Televised on Fox Sports 1)

Featherweights:   Dustin Poirier     vs.     Akira Corassani

NY-based Swede Corassani is a huge underdog (+600). He and his opponent, American Top Team’s Poirier, were pulled apart at weigh in’s.

Round One: Poirier looking for his southpaw jab to begin. Corassani looking for an overhand right counter. Jab-hook scores for Poirier. Corassani clinches, they disengage. Poirier begins establishing his jab… but walks into an uppercut and straight right. Poirier looks a little wobbly. Spin kick misses from Corassani. Corassani with a straight right, circling away. Wild uppercut misses from Corassani. Nice left from Poirier, right from Corassani. Corassani switching stances. Poirier sprawls out of takedown, maneuvers into guillotine, then “Peruvian necktie.” Corassani narrowly escapes. Poirier out-landing Corassani as time expires on a wild round. 10-9 Poirier.

Round Two: Poirier with a great jab-uppercut combo. Corassani drops! A few follow-up punches and the ref steps in.

On replay, you can see Poirier switching stances after the uppercut for more power shots. Nice stuff, but he sure got hit a lot on the way to that TKO.

Dustin Poirier defeats Akira Corassani by TKO (punches) at 0:42 of round two

Welterweights:    Chad Laprise     vs.     Olivier Aubin-Mercier

This, of course, is the TUF Nations welterweight finale, where both guys represented Canada. Quebec’s own Aubin-Mercier is tapped as the next GSP in some circles, and enters the cage a (-150) favorite.

Round One: Straight left glances from the southpaw Aubin-Mercier. Laprise with an inside leg kick. Laprise with a lot of lateral movement and leg kicks, avoiding the better grappler Aubin-Mercier. Laprise shrugs off a takedown. Crowd chanting “OLLIE.” Right from Laprise. High kick from Laprise is blocked. Aubin-Mercier fails with another shot. Good roundhouse body kick from Aubin-Mercier,. He’s landed a few shots, but mostly struggling to find his range. 10-9, Laprise.

Round Two: Aubin-Mercier finally gets his takedown after a brief struggle. Laprise scrambles, avoids a guillotine, and gets to his feet. Hard right to the body from Laprise. Laprise blocks a high kick but is hit with a round kick to the body. Teep from Laprise. Left from Aubin-Mercier. Jab-uppercut combo glances from Laprise. Overhand from Laprise. Leg kick from Laprise. Slow round here. Laprise slipping Aubin-Mercier’s straight lefts.  10-9, Laprise.

Round Three: Aubin-Mercier fails with another shot. Misses with a left hook. Laprise leans in and gets taken down, but bounces right back up to his feet. They trade straight shots. Aubin-Mercier going for the body kick, but it’s blocked. Laprise slowing his output. Right hook from Aubin-Mercier. Left hook from Laprise. Laprise catches a kick and sweeps Aubin-Mercier to the mat, but refuses to follow up. Back up, Aubin-Mercier lands a nice uppercut. Nice right from Laprise as he shuffles away from a charging Aubin-Mercier. Spinning back kick to the body from Laprise. Good punching combo from Laprise, including hard left hook to the body, as time expires. 10-9 Laprise.

Can’t imagine anyone scoring any round but three for Aubin-Mercier… but it’s a split decision?

Chad Laprise defeats Olivier Aubin-Mercier by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27)

At least the right guy won. Chad Laprise is the TUF: Nations Ultimate Fighter winner at welterweight.

Middleweights:    Sheldon Westcott     vs.     Elias Theodorou

This is for the middleweight TUF:Nations title. Westcott is a (+135) underdog.

Round One: Westcott initiates a clinch, presses Theodorou against the cage, and gets the takedown. Westcott menouvers to the back, gets and then loses hooks. Theodorou stands, Westcott takes the back standing “piggy-back.” Westcott looking for a choke, against the cage now. Punch to the side of the face by Westcott. Theodorou finally shrugs him off and lands a few punches. Big knees to the face from  Theodorou. Westcott drops to guard and gets hit by punches to the face. Back up, Theodorou with a round kick to the body. Leg kick from Theodorou. Another leg kick. Front kicks miss from Theodorou. 10-9, Theodorou.

Round Two: Right from Theodorou before hitting a takedown. Right back up, then Theodorou slams Westcott again. Westcott scrambles and looks for his own takedown but Theodorou escapes. 1-2 and a round kick to the body. Big knees to head and body from Theodorou. Another slam takedown from Theodorou. Right to the face, roundhouse punches to head and elbow to the face, and Theodorou moves to mount. Westcott re-positions to half guard. More shots, especially hammer-fists. Theodorou says “Hi Mom!” to the camera before continuing to pour on the ground-and-pound. Side control, the punches keep coming, and the ref has seen enough. TKO win for Theodorou and TUF: Nations is an Ontario sweep.

Elias Theodorou defeats Sheldon Westcott by TKO (punches) at 4:40 of round two    

Welterweights:     Patrick Coté     vs.     Kyle Noke

Noke is a (-140) favorite. Big home province cheer for Coté.

Round One: First strike his a kick that lands low from Noke. A brief halt to the action and they re-start. Two big body kicks from Noke. Nice 1-2 from Coté. Coté misses a kick and Noke clinches him against the cage. Knees to the leg from Noke. Noke threatens the flying knee. Side kick from Noke. Coté with a takedown, Noke attacks with a guillotine. Coté escapes, postures up for a big elbow. Good right hand from Coté, and another. Noke trying to control the wrists and posture of Coté. Noke attackes with a triangle, but Coté keeps posture. Good elbows from Coté. 10-9, Coté.

Round Two: They circle. Big knee staggers Coté as he looks for the takedown! Noke looks to follow up but is clinched. Noke attacks with a guillotine, but Coté slips away. Good side kick from Noke. Coté catches a kick and drops Noke to the mat. Crowd chanting “let’s go Coté!” Good elbow from Coté. Noke gets against the cage and makes it to his feet. Big knee to the body from Coté. Noke circles away, looking for his front kick. It’s close but I like Coté there. 10-9, Coté.

Round Three: Noke circling away from Coté, and is hit by a right. Noke switching from southpaw to orthodox to little effect, but he’s still landing the better punches as they engage. Coté initiates a clinch and we’re stuck against the cage. Coté is pushed away, is hit by a front kick. Nice takedown from Coté, lands punches to head and body. Noke struggles to his feet, or one knee anyway, as they’re pressed against the cage. Noke finally back up to his feet. I think Noke’s stretch standing was a little more impressive than Coté’s ground sequence, so I’ll go with Noke. Again, a close round though. 10-9, Noke.

Patrick Coté defeats Kyle Noke by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

I think the right guy won.

Middleweights:     Tim Kennedy     vs.     Michael Bisping       

(+170) underdog Kennedy enters the ring in a jiu-jitsu gi. Bisping is fighting his 20th UFC bout in about seven years.  Wow!

Round One:  Kennedy drops in on a single leg takedown. Bisping, backed up against the cage, tries to sprawl out. Kennedy switches to a double and gets the Brit down on his backside. Kennedy struggles to put Bisping on the mat and settles into Bisping’s half guard. Nice punches from Kennedy. Kennedy to his feet, keeps the pressure on with punches. Bisping back to his feet but Kennedy keeps the body lock and drops him back down. Kennedy looking for mount. Crowd boo’ing. Bisping hip escapes to full guard but Kennedy passes again and makes it to mount. Kennedy tries for the back. Bisping gets half guard. Elbow from Kennedy. Time expires on a 10-9 Kennedy round.

Round Two: Bisping with jab and body kick. Kennedy misses an overhand. Slow action and the Quebec faithful begins to boo. Jab from Bisping. Right from Kennedy. High kick from Kennedy, partially blocked. Side kick from Kennedy. Bisping with hand combo’s. Kennedy in on a shot, but Bisping shrugs him off. Flying knee from Bisping, who seems to be finding his rhythm. Counter left from Bisping as Kennedy advances, looking a little desperate. 2-3 combo from Bisping. 10-9 Bisping.

Round Three: Bisping looking to establish his jab. Kennedy finally lands that right and drops into a single leg takedown. Nice guard pass into side control by Kennedy. Bisping repositions half guard and attacks with a Kimura. Kennedy escapes it. Side control again for Kennedy, and into mount. Good couple of lefts from Kennedy. Kennedy works to side control as they’re pressed to the cage. Round ends with not a lot of action and a chorus of boo’s. 10-9 Kennedy.

Round Four: They circle. Kennedy misses a big left. Kennedy clinches and gets a body lock. Bisping escapes. Both guys land rights. Front kick from Kennedy. Bisping with a jab and an uppercut. Kennedy with a right. Kennedy is stuffed on a shot. Left hook from Kennedy. 1-2 from Bisping. Kennedy with a right that may have wobbled Bisping. Nice right from Kennedy. 1-2 and a head kick from Bisping. Both guys are a little bloody. 10-9 Kennedy.

Round Five: Good combination punching from Bisping but Kennedy gets his takedown. Kennedy steps over the half guard to get mount — a la BJ Penn. Bisping scrambles out but Kennedy stays on top. Bisping in half guard for an extended sequence and they are stood up. Bisping with a right. Both guys missing straight punches. Good right from Kennedy. Glancing left hook from Kennedy. Overhand from Kennedy. 1-2 from Bisping. Nice roundhouse punching from Bisping as Kennedy spins an attack. Somehow, it all felt more like a sparring session. 10-9 Kennedy.

Judges’ decision comes…

Tim Kennedy defeats Michael Bisping by unanimous decision (49-46, 49-46, 50-45)

It’s the right decision, but I thought round two was clearly Bisping’s.

Anyway, that’s all here. Thanks for joining us!