A big boxing rematch may be dominating headlines tonight — the anticipated rematch between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Marcos Maidana 2 — but, it’s actually big weekend throughout the fighting world.

Shows are on tap everywhere, from ONE FC: Rise of the Kingdom in Cambodia, to Cage Warriors 72 in Wales.

Closer to home, Bellator continued their eleventh season with a light heavyweight title bout last night, and World Series of Fighting features their bantamweight titlist Marlon Moraes in a catchweight bout on NBC Sports tonight.

The UFC is counter-punching with another installment of UFC Fight Night, featuring former heavyweight title challenger Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva against former UFC heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski in the main event. Silva will enjoy the support of a raucous home crowd in Brasilia, Brazil.

Also on the show are a lightweight feature between Gleison Tibau and Piotr Hallmann, and a bantamweight bout which sees Iuiri Alcantara facing Russell Doane.

The action will be broadcast exclusively on UFC Fight Pass, with a preliminary card beginning at 5:45 pm EST /2:45 pm PST.

We’ll begin a play-by-play account of the action at 8 pm EST/5 pm PST. Please join us!

Full card:

Preliminary Bouts:

Bantamweights: Rani Yahya defeated Johnny Bedford by submission (Kimura) at 2:04 of round one.
Welterweights: Sean Spencer defeated Paulo Thiago by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
Lightweights: Francisco Trinaldo defeated Leandro Silva by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Welterweights: George Sullivan defeated Igor Araújo by knockout (punches) at 2:31 of round two.
Featherweights: Godofredo “Pepey” Castro defeated Dashon Johnson by submission (triangle armbar) at 4:29 of round one.

Main Card:
Women’s Bantamweights: Jéssica Andrade vs. Larissa Pacheco

Two Brazilians — Pacheco is 5’7″, a 20 year old undefeated prospect in her first UFC appearance. Andrade is 5’2″, 22 but a vet — and a grinder with wins over the likes of Rosi Sexton. Pacheco is a -125 favorite, despite being unranked — Andrade is #10 in UFC rankings.

Round One:
Pacheco with hand combo’s, Andrade counters with a solid left hook. They clinch, Andrade with a hip toss to side control. Light ground-and-pound, punches to head and body. Andrade looking for guillotine off a scramble; Pacheco escapes, ends up on bottom of side control again. Big elbows to face from Andrade. Hammer-fists as Andrade gets to her feet to look for a pass. She makes the side control again, attacks with guillotine and the tap comes at 4:33!!!

Jéssica Andrade defeated Larissa Pacheco by submission (guillotine choke) at 4:33 of round two.

Bantamweights: Iuri Alcântara vs. Russell Doane

Brazil’s 34 year old Alcântara is 30-5, ranked #7 in the UFC. He uses the theme from “The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly” for a memorable ringwalk. The 28 year old Hawaiian Doane is 14-3. Alcântara is a -325 favorite.

Round One: Nice body kick from Alcântara, followed with a double leg — right into mount and back mount with hooks! Whoa! Rear naked choke almost ends it quick but Doane frees his head. Doane escapes and reverses to end up in Alcântara’s guard. Nice rights from Doane. Alcântara elevates him in a sweep and they scramble to their feet. Low knee halts the action. A couple good body kicks from Alcântara. 10-9, Alcântara.

Round Two: Alcântara keeps on with the good southpaw combo’s, usually ending with that nice body kick. Doane counters with a double leg, but Alcântara bounces right back up. Doane with another takedown. Alcântara with an omo-plata attempt. Backfist from Alcântara. They scramble to their feet. Doane getting tagged with straight lefts in standup. Good takedown from Doane, but can’t do much with it. 10-9, Alcântara.

Round Three: Doane shoots right away this time. Alcântara sprawls, then fails at a throw. They clinch against the cage and finally Doane gets the takedown. Good punches and elbows from Doane. Scramble to the feet, Doane attacks with D’Arce choke. Alcântara slips away, Doane in on a single leg. Much better round for Doane. Good punches and elbows as Doane works in Alcântara’s guard. Alcântara gets space and gets his own double leg, gets some g’n’p before the bell. 10-9, Doane.

Really nice fight — two close rounds I gave to Alcântara; one dominant one for Doane.

Iuri Alcântara defeats Russell Doane by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Welterweights: Santiago Ponzinibbio vs. Wendell Oliveira

Two Brazilians: 5’10” Oliveira is a late replacement making his Octagon debut, and is noted for a Muay Thai background; while 6’0″ Ponzinibbio is a TUF Brazil vet who lost his first UFC debut. Oliveira is a -125 favorite over the Argentine-born, Brazil-raised Ponzinibbio.

Round One: Oliveira with an overhand to begin, followed with a pair of kicks. Hard leg kick by Oliveira. Similar stance as Renan Barao for Oliveira. Uppercut from Oliveira. Big left hook from Ponzinibbio and Oliveira is staggered! Ponzinibbio pounces with punches for the stoppage win!!!

Santiago Ponzinibbio defeats Wendell Oliveira by TKO (punches) at 1:20 of round one

Lightweights: Leonardo Santos vs. Efrain Escudero

Two TUF winners here: TUF 8 victor Escudero against TUF Brasil 2’s victor Santos. Interesting contrast though: the 34 year old, 6’0″ Santos is a decorated BJJ champion. The 5’9″, Mexican-American 28 year old Escudero is a wrestler. Escudero is a +175 underdog.

Round One: Both pawing with jabs. Leg kick from Escudero. Glancing right from Escudero. They clinch, with Santos pressing Escudero against the cage. Santos with double underhooks, whips Escudero to the mat. Santos in side control. Escudero with a half guard, Santos with punches and elbows. Santos advances to mount, lands more punches. Santos advances to rear mount with hooks. Hammer-fists from Santos. Escudero lands punches to the legs. Santos attacks with armbar but Escudero slips away. 10-9, Santos.

Round Two: Round Two: Tepid standup exchange to begin, Escudero hits a left to body. Knee from Santos as they bounce in and out. Right from Escudero. Santos pawing with the jab to little effect. Escudero shoots in but no dice. Knee to body and overhand from Escudero. Uppercut and overhand drops Santos. Escudero with a couple kicks and backs away. Santos back up, wobbly… still in trouble. Escudero establishing the jab now. Good hand combo’s for Escudero. Santos fails with a double leg shot. Santos lands an uppercut. 10-9, Escudero.

Round Three: Santos attacking with hand combo’s ending with kicks, but mostly missing. Right hand counters landing from Escudero regularly. Front kick to the body from Santos. Double leg from Santos scores. Santos advances to mount quickly. A few punches to face and he moves to back mount. Santos looks for choke, now with body triangle. 10-9, Santos — I don’t think Escudero’s standup dominance was quite enough to take that round, but we’ll see…

Leonardo Santos defeats Efrain Escudero via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

I like the decision and Santos’ jiu-jitsu, but some of the press isn’t so impressed:

Lightweights: Gleison Tibau vs. Piotr Hallmann

27 year old Hallman, of Poland, comes out to the cage to the tune of “Let Me Clear My Throat” — Brazi;’s Tibau, in his first co-main after 26 (!) UFC appearances, to “Iron Man” by Black Sabbath. Tibau is a -240 favorite.

Round One: Round kick to the body by Tibau, then a flurry of punches to the head and a knee to the chin. Double leg from Tibau drops Hallman to the mat, but he scrambles right back to his feet. Knee to the body from Hallman, and a big round kick to the body from Hallman. They clinch against the cage, Tibau with a takedown but another scramble back to the feet. Good knee to the body from Hallman. Right from Hallman, uppercut counter from Tibau. Close round — I’ll go 10-9 Hallman.

Round Two
: Jab to spinning backfist combo from Tibau lands hard. Double leg takedown drops Hallman to the mat but he scrambles right back up. Tepid standup exchange follows, both guys glancing front kicks and jabs. Good right from Tibau. Tibau clinches Hallman against the cage. Not much happening here, Hallman checks the clock… me too. 10-9 Tibau.

Round Three
: Both guys throwing hard punches to start this round, but mostly missing. Hallman backs Tibau up. Left straight from Tibau, double leg from Tibau scores. Hallman back up, they clinch against the cage. This is not a good fight, but as I look around Twitter — apparently the Vasquez/Bey bout on the Mayweather/Maidana undercard is even worse.

They disengage. Tibau misses a spinning back-fist. Big knee to the face from Hallman bloodies Tibau. Hallman scores another knee. A Tibau double leg goes nowhere. 10-9, Hallman.

This could go either way… and it’s a split:

Gleison Tibau defeats Piotr Hallmann via split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)

Heavyweights: Antônio “Big Foot” Silva vs. Andrei Arlovski

Silva turns 35 tomorrow, Arlovski is 35 today. Silva has got 16 pounds in weight and 3″ in height over Arlovski, and is a -450 favorite.

Round One: Little right by Silva who takes center Octagon. Arlovski with a right — as he lunges in with feints. Glancing front kick to the body from Silva, right to the body from AA. Pronounced speed advantage for Arlovski. Right from Arlovski. Silva looking for counter, big right lands for AA!! Silva out cold!!! AA with hammer-fists and the ref finally stops it!!!

Crowd is stunned!!!! First round knockout for an almost four-to-one underdog!!!

So is Dana White:

Andrei Arlovski defeats Antônio “Big Foot” Silva by knockout at 2:59 of round one.

That’s all for tonight. Thank you for joining us!