-Peter Sobotta vs. Pawel Pawlak

Round 1: Sobotta’s got kicks, and he comes out using them to great effect, chipping away at Pawlak’s legs and body. The Polish fighter does his best to answer with punches, but Sobotta’s timing and range keep him at the wrong end of the exchanges, and the horn sounds with Pawlak operating under a point deficit.

Round 2: Pawlak turns up the aggression and comes in winging fists, and Sobotta replies with a level-change and a double-leg takedown. The rest of the round sees Sobotta trying to pass guard while Pawlak keeps elbowing him from the bottom.

Round 3: The final round is almost a carbon copy of the second, although Sobotta’s takedown doesn’t come until a minute and a half have transpired in the frame. Referee Leon Roberts stands them up for inactivity with only 20 seconds left, and Pawlak spends all of them swinging for the fences.

Result: Peter Sobotta def. Pawal Pawlak via Unanimous Decision