-Luke Barnatt vs. Sean Strickland

Round 1: Sporting undefeated records and a world of confidence in their striking, these guys cautiously stalk each other just out of range, probing for openings with single kicks and punches. This goes on for the duration, and maybe – maybe – they ding each other once or twice. That’s it, though, and the crowd voices their displeasure.

Round 2: Things start off in similar fashion, but Strickland switches things up and goes for a takedown, putting the Brit on the canvas and getting in some ground and pound before Barnatt is able to get back up. They resume their stalking, and with each passing moment Barnett starts to cut the cage off more and more. Eventually, he’s able to feed Strickland a few right hands, and the round seems somewhat even when the horn sounds.

Round 3: The game of inches continues, and Barnatt edges ahead more and more as his punches grow more accurate. Strickland mixes it up by adding a brief leglock-hunt interlude, but the Brit neutralizes all of the attempts, and the bout ends on the feet.

Result: Sean Strickland def. Luke Barnatt via Split Decision