-Drew Dober vs. Nick Hein

Round 1: German local favorite Hein has got a solid left hand and some judo skills, both of which he employs to great effect – the former immediately opening up a cut over Dober’s right eye, the latter used to toss the American down. Dober manages to get back up after a brief period on the bottom, and he attempts to work his Muay Thai game, but it doesn’t last long, and once more Hein throws him down.

Round 2: With Hein slowing, Dober has a better time getting his striking going, and after an extended period with the German holding tight to his back, Dober is able to find a comfortable spot within the judoka’s half-guard. The round ends with the American on top.

Round 3: The come out banging, and when the cut over Dober’s eye is reopened, he changes tactics by shooting for a takedown. Hein stuffs it, and the ensuing bloodbath, referee Marc Goddard calls for a break for the doctor to come in for a consultation. The doc gives the cut the thumbs up, and the rest of the bout is spent with an ultra-bloody Dober and a pristine Hein punching each other vigorously.

Result: Nick Hein def. Drew Dober via Unanimous Decision