-Magnus Cedenblad vs. Krysztof Jotko

Round 1: Jotko wades in trying to knock his opponent’s block off, and Cedenblad answers with a clinch against the cage and a concentrated effort to get the fight horizontal. He finally succeeds after about a minute and a half, and Cedenblad goes to work mixing guard passing with ground and pound. Jotko gets back to his feet for about two seconds, but he gets taken right back down, and the round ends with Cedenblad on top.

Round 2: Jotko makes whatever mental adjustments he needs during the break, and is able to stave off the takedown for the first half of the frame, all the while feeding Cedenblad punches. But the superior grappler is once more able to impose his will, and after getting things to the ground, he takes top position. They scramble and Jotko winds up on his foe’s back going for a choke, and in a sudden reversal of fortune, Cedenblad escapes, stands and snags Jotko’s neck in a guillotine. The ten-second warning sounds, but Jotko can take no more, and he taps with only one second left.

Result: Magnus Cedenblad def. Krysztof Jotko via Submission (Guillotine) at 4:59, R2